Empowered business coaching #TheOneThatGotAway

“I’ve started contacting people for extra jobs and clients,” I tell Dorothy brightly. “What do you think about a website that sells cannabis online?”

“Good.” Is all that Dorothy replies. “Is that your new interest?”

“It was one of the possibilities,” I tell her. “We could be like Pablo Escobar.”

“What about running an up-market escort agency on line?” Dorothy questions me.

“Noooooi” I can’t believe Dorothy would make such a suggestion. “That’s pimping people. It messes up the girl in question. It’s slavery. And I’m a feminist.”

“Ok then a high-class gigolo service?” Dorothy offers.

“Ok that sounds enticing but feels wrong.” I confess. “Sex and weirdos and stuff. No more sex and weirdo stuff for me. I have 3 kids to protect and to raise. What’s the problem with cannabis anyway?”

Dorothy gives me a knowing look.

“Ok, it’s a drug,” I admit. “But alcohol is a hard drug. I saw what it did to Natalie. And cigarettes are really bad.”

“Nothing wrong.” Dorothy answers.

“I know I shouldn’t smoke cannabis because of my paranoia,” I go on. “But it would be a great idea for pain relief in cancer patients. Thinking of Wim.”

“So don’t smoke it. Just sell it,” Dorothy replies merrily.

“Next time I’ll get him cannabis instead of watching him suffer like that,” I say fervently. “And yes, that’s the idea. Is it bad?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?” Dorothy throws back at me. Oh I so hate it when she leaves it completely up to me and my conscience.

“It possibly messes up other people like alcohol does?” I ponder with worry.

“Do you care?” Dorothy asks me quietly.

“Yes I do,” I address her head on. “But making it illegal won’t stop people from being silly. I don’t think legalizing or illegalizing it solves anything. People who have a problem will always find a way.”

“Then why think about it?” Dorothy taunts me.

“It’s like alcohol. I have no problem with alcohol, but some people do. I can drink a glass from time to time. That’s it. A small minority of people are addicts.” I preach for my own case. “Maybe informing people is a good thing. Legalizing it is also a good thing. I don’t think cannabis is a hard drug. I think alcohol is way worse than cannabis. I think heroine and cocaine are worse than cannabis.”

“Sell it,” Dorothy encourages me again. “Make Wim your partner.”

“I’ll see how this project goes first,” I think to myself out loud. “Need to look up legal issues too.”

“Or maybe you should consider going to school part time and getting a new skill in programming or data analysis or something along those lines.” Dorothy is always one to consider new avenues.

“More high school fees,” I sigh reluctantly.

“There is no easy way,” Dorothy tells me, and she’s right.

“What’s wrong with new clients in online marketing?” I ask her. “Programming doesn’t passion me.”

“I don’t have answers.” Dorothy evades me. “You must follow your passion. Drugs like cannabis are not legal in Belgium. But you can keep and use it privately under five grams. Anything more is dealing. Dealing comes with all sorts of uglies.”

“I wouldn’t be dealing.” I correct her. “In the first place I’d be helping this company start up and market their online cannabis shop.”

“That’s ok,” Dorothy admits. “Buy shares in it.”

“Sounds good,” I smile.

“If you can help marketing and sales for on line businesses do that more,” Dorothy coaches me. “Write an e-book.”

“I am actively looking for new clients,” I keep repeating this, I know. “I also have several unfinished ebooks on my laptop.”

“Finish them,” Dorothy has a knack of making the obvious sound innovative.

“I also have a coaching course PDF which you might find interesting,” I suddenly remember. “It helped me in any case.”

“Sure. Send it to me,” Dorothy is always eager to get her hands on self-help material.

“Time, darling. It’s all a matter of finding time in this chaos.” I sigh again. “But I will do. Finish those e-books, that is.”


On a daily basis, I reach out to many different experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are the best at what they do. Many people say yes, but also many people say no. How do you handle rejection? And how in turn do you reject other people and opportunities? You know you should say no to seemingly burdensome obligations, and say yes to the critical few opportunities. Understanding the fine line can make a significant impact on your life and your happiness.


What do you think? What should you be doing less of, and what should you be doing more of? Let me know in the comments below.



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