Investments and partnerships #TheOneThatGotAway

Dorothy and I are always looking for ways to improve and better ourselves. The best way to do that is to ask each other and outsiders what they think. Over this past year, I have been working on my personal development and professional growth. And so has the digital landscape. Anyone who has previously worked with me, I’d love to hear your feedback.


“What about motivational speaking or starting an au-pair business?” Dorothy brainstorms.

“All sounds good. Just how and where do you start?” I question her. “Sounds more like something you could do. And then stay at home full-time.”

“Are you telling me you don’t know how to start a business?” Dorothy looks at me incredulously.

“You could get rich and comfy,” I am daydreaming the easy life. “Yes I’m hopeless. I can’t grow one either. Look at the catastrophe with Rebecca, Simon and Tatiana.”

“Ask Wim to help you,” Dorothy suggests. “You are a high risk, I know.”

“I am?” I ask in disbelief. “Wim is even more useless, I swear.”

“How did he make his money?” Dorothy wants to find out.

“He’s an SAP consultant,” I tell her with certain pride in my tone. “He doesn’t spend much. He’s got 1 client. His parents help a lot.”

“Really. A mommy’s boy?” Dorothy teases me.

“Only child,” I correct her defensively. “His parents cook for him and the boys in his week. Part of his loft has been paid with family money.”

“You sure know how to pick them,” Dorothy won’t stop digging in where she knows she’ll get to me.

“His parents take care of his kids after school and during holidays. So he has no after school care to pay,” I go on to summarize the differences. “And his parents buy his kids clothes. So he doesn’t have to spend much, now does he? I have to pay for everything and my family doesn’t help. That’s the big difference.”

“I see.” Says Dorothy. She’s sitting with her legs curled up sipping her cup of tea and I can see she’s thinking fast and deep. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in her head. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t really know.

“Else I could be happy just with BNP as a client.” I go on dreaming of an easy life. “What a luxury that would be.”

“And you hang on so tight. Interesting.” Dorothy is still staring into space, obviously already coming to conclusions I know I’m going to want to rebuff.

“I hang on to what?” I insist.

“Wim.” Dorothy answers shortly.

“Why not?” It gets me going when she presses all the right buttons. “He needs me at this point. What’s wrong with Wim? Why is it bad that his parents support him?”

“No reason. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I just find it interesting.” Dorothy replies coolly. “My poor kids will have to do everything by themselves.”

“Mine too,” I state proudly. “That will make for robuste kids. Ready to face the world.”

“Yes,” Dorothy beams.

“Wim’s kids will stay stuck in Mechelen just like Wim, and just like his parents before him.” I muse.

“Yes I guess so,” Dorothy mutters without much interest.

“They’ll have high positions thanks to long arms and well paid jobs,” I go on to wonder. “And they’ll overprotect their kids too. It’s nice to make everything for the kids top priority. It sucks for the partner though.”

“Yes. It is nearly time for me to call Scotland,” Dorothy says looking at the time on her mobile.

“Yeay,” I love it when Dorothy has new business ideas which could lead to success and advance things in society at large. “Good luck!”


Dorothy disappears into my study for about half an hour. When she re-appears, I have fresh tea brewing, and ideas and questions bubbling up in my mind.


“You know, Wim never goes on vacation. Never.” I confide in Dorothy. “You don’t get rich by spending money. And he’s right. But what’s the point? Is life enjoyable if everything you do it is to please your parents or kids?”

As I get no immediate reply from Dorothy, I go on muttering to myself: “Maybe… Maybe it’s nice being warm. What did Scotland Yard say?”

Dorothy looks up from her iPhone which had her undivided attention for quite some time: “Nothing yet. Product is available. Will see if I can negotiate something.”

“That’s great!” I cheer her on, for really it is a fantastic business idea. “See you are persuasive. You don’t really need me to be successful. I’m just your feather. Your Dumbo feather.”

“True,” Dorothy gives me a light nudge and a wink.

“But it’s more fun when you’re not alone,” I go on.

“You are doing a lot of reflection I see,” Dorothy is going to corner me again with her smart quick thinking.

Or attention seeking?” I tease her about our argument in the Delhaize supermarket.

“Or…” Dorothy raises an eyebrow.

“Or looking for solutions,” I offer.

“Yes perhaps. Come up with one or two workable ones.” Dorothy gives me the all-knowing eye.


Really it’s not easy to re-invent yourself. People make it sound as if you have to have it all figured out. Or that you should continue doing just that one thing you’re good at, until you’re 40. Then you’re an expert. Which I am.

Does your digital marketing look and feel and reflect how you see it? Share your thoughts with me.

What do you think? In which ways do your re-invent yourself? I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below.



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