I’m a bunny boiler #TheOneThatGotAway

Dorothy and I are in the middle of a midnight crisis telephone conversation.


“Anyway then in June she gives me a card with a gift voucher towards a photoshoot.” I go on re-telling the story about Marta to my best ability. “She was very touchy feely. But it seemed more manipulative than seductive.”

“Yes, like her head in your shoulder,” Dorothy points out.

“Like sweeping with her hands just under the neck and before the breast. To take away fear and hiding things,” I muse over the tricks and body language I have picked up over the years. “It was all very strange. She studied psychology, by the way, so well versed in manipulation.”

“Okay,” Dorothy urges me to continue.

“So I receive this gift card from her. And I didn’t know what to say because I was scared of doing another shoot with her. But didn’t want to be rude and decline.” I tell her. “So I accepted to just have myself photographed. The gift was 350 euros towards a photoshoot. She had told me she had put her prices up but silly me never thought to ask how high exactly.”

“Wow she is expensive,” Dorothy blurts out.

“Anyway we continued meeting but only on Fridays, all other days were impossible for her.” I remember back to the past summer. “Well according to her new price list, YES she is damn expensive. 1.000 euros for 6 photos! 2.000 for 12. And 3.000 for 20. Something like that. The 350 only covered your photoshoot itself.”

“Wow she aims high. Looking for the rich and stupid people,” Dorothy puts in simple words what I have just taken so long to describe.

“Well I eventually told, her after much manipulation and not being able to speak up, that I wasn’t going to pay that money for 6 pictures.” I tell Dorothy with a pang of anger. “She was upset. Requested a Facebook video chat. And then wouldn’t speak to me after that. She asked me to delete the pictures I had put on social media. And that’s when I realized how much I had been posting about our meet-ups. All my social media had become centered around Marta. I’m so infuenceable and gullible. It’s scary. So then she deleted me from Facebook.”

“Come to think of it, I started chatting again with Mr Threesome after he commented on one of my Linkedin pics.” Dorothy throws in again. She’s obviously obsessing about her love life right now. Then she sums up what happened with Marta : “Ok. I get she wanted you to pay her and use you to reach what she thought was your network of friends who would also have their pictures taken etc.”

“Yes, that’s it!” I tell Dorothy upset. “Then Marta posted a double speech post on Facebook saying to look at my Linkedin profile and take action now!”

“What was the comment?” Dorothy enquires.

“But then why cut me off so abruptly?” I continue to torture myself.

“The coffee cup on my computer. That’s what Henry commented on.” Dorothy continues musing about Mr Threesome’s comment. “And I did take action. Drew up a list of my top 5 fantasies. That’s how I enrolled Mr Threesome. But he clearly doesn’t want to do a threesome. He wants to get me on my own.”

I give a deep sigh in reply. Really Dorothy…

“Was this the same girl who was going to take nude photos of you?” Dorothy suddenly pipes up. I am shocked and taken aback because I had forgotten about this episode with Marta.

I had done my best to mentally block out the question Dorothy has just asked me. But then it sets in. “Nude photos? Where did this idea come from?”

“You told me,” Dorothy says patiently.

“Marta thought I wanted nudes,” I suddenly remember. “But I never wanted nudes! Why do you say that? And why did Marta say that? I swear I never wanted nudes.”

“You told me while I was in Cuba and you also said it was sexy some how.” Dorothy reminds me gently.

“Oh sugar, I remember know. Marta was convincing me that it would make a wonderful gift for Wim, to have boudoir pictures. And I toyed with the idea until we discussed it. I remember Marta being taken aback that I didn’t want nudes.” I remember this crystal clear now, but somehow it got tucked away in my mind, not to be uncovered. “I’m feeling awful. It’s so easy to play with my head.”

“I just thought you wanted to see if I would react,” Dorothy reminds me.

“Just give me a soft touch and say a few nice words and I’ll do whatever,” I can’t stop beating myself up about this. “Nooooo, are you serious?”

“Yes,” Dorothy’s voice unwavering.

“I feel terrible. I can’t imagine saying that.” I have a horrible feeling remembering stuff and it being so much out of character.

“Anyway I didn’t take you seriously. I just thought Marta might though.” Dorothy tries to calm me down.

“I said that?” I am getting stuck on these events which for some reason I have obscured in my mind. “How did we get mixed up in your threesome?”


To be honest, I really am wondering about the nude pictures. I have done plenty of those in my young and wild years. Posing for artists and having these beautiful pieces of art displayed in galleries. But those are the mistakes of the young. Why would an expert of my age and wisdom want to get caught up again in nude pictures?

Customer centricity in any business is an art. From social care to content generation, your business can bring the customer experience front-and-center with a soft-touch approach. My experience described above walks you through moving from complaint-only social care to finding surprise and delight opportunities. Personalize your digital experience. And nurture your influencer relationships to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


What do you think? Are you ready for the rise of social care? Share your experiences with me in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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