What’s in a marketing message? #TheOneThatGotAway

It’s deep in the night, as Dorothy is talking logic into me as I obsess over details turning a nasty shade of paranoia. Actually, she’s doing a good job, because I’m starting to find my own conspiracy theories quite amusing too.


“So how did Marta get mixed up in your threesome,” Dorothy asks me again, and I throw a wink at the attentive reader.

“She didn’t,” I confess.

“Ok then how is she connected?” Dorothy asks a little irritated.

“After she deleted me from Facebook she posted a seemingly innocent post on her professional page full of covert speech,” I say with certain horror.

“Like what exactly?” Dorothy asks critically.

“And she has been posting videos on Youtube via Twitter to take self-defense courses.” My dismay is very tangible in my voice. “Shall I just copy the post for you?”

“Yes,” Dorothy responds dryly.


For the sake of my readers, I have copied said post with the original grammatical and spelling mistakes included.

Today let’s talk about business…😎 💰Are you loosing potential clients due to a bad profile picture and bad branding? First impressions are everything! Great Corporate Portraits that state who you are and what you and your company stands for, can and will make a difference!

Make sure that your professional portraits are as strong as you are! 🙏📷

For all of you that need a little extra help I create a special Mini Corporate Portrait Photo Sessions Package that you can book with me… It’s a 30 minutes photo session, + 2 portraits that you receive within 5 working days after your photo session…

Can you imagine that?! 30 min that could change how you see yourself, and how others see you while viewing your LinkedIn profile. 30 minuets that could change your life…

Let me know if I can help. But ultimately it’s not about me and what I can do for you… it’s about you. If there’s a change you need to make, and you know it. I hope this message will inspire you to get back in touch with what’s possible, and take action now.

You deserve to have a corporate profile portrait that will make people want to meet you, and get to know you better.

Make your corporate portraits count! … ❤ Marta


“I see. Sounds like bad advertising to me.” Dorothy states a little mockingly.

I giggle down the phone : “So I’m just paranoid?”

“Where is the covert stuff?” Dorothy questions me.

“And she was very manipulative,” I emphasize.

“I still don’t see the connection between Marta and Henry,” Dorothy tells me impatiently.

“Knowing Mr threesome had just commented on Linkedin… Linkedin profile… There’s a change you need to make… Take action now… Get back in touch…” I go through the fishy parts of the post again. “The connection between Marta and Henry isn’t clear to me either. But there is one between Mr Threesome and Eric.”

“There is? What?” Dorothy snaps at me.

“And Marta has done my pictures previously. If she’s desperate for money I’m sure she can be bought and corrupted to play with someone’s mind.” I tell Dorothy defensively.

“Aah now I get it,” Dorothy cries out. “Who paid her? David?”

“I was introduced to Mr Threesome at one of those parties. At the lawyer’s who died soon after I left david, if you remember me freaking about that.” I am connecting the dots for Dorothy. “Eric paid her. Or Mr Threesome.”

“So it’s possible Eric paid her?” Dorothy ponders.

“Or both,” I say with dread. “Well yes it is very possible isn’t it? But it’s also paranoid. I don’t understand what happened.”

“Can Mr Threesome be a front for Eric who secretively wants you back?” Dorothy doesn’t connect the dots but examines the nature of human behaviour.

“Was it just about reaching my network?” I question out loud. “Eric doesn’t want me back. He wished me no good. Remember that time he also turned out to be at that hotel in Oostend?”

“Ok so he has no real use for Marta even though she looks to be a good fudge. So Eric is out of the picture.” Dorothy reassures me with her logic.

“I had booked that hotel some years ago because Marta was going to photo shoot me and my kids at the seaside,” I remind Dorothy of an old and forgotten story. “Only she cancelled on the day itself. And I ended up staying in the same hotel as Eric.”

“That must have been fun!” Dorothy’s logic kicks in again. “Mr Threesome doesn’t need Marta to get to you. He knows you are interested and can get you himself.”


Do you want more out of life? To be free to showcase your talents and to live your life purpose? Do you want to live your life comfortably? Light and relaxed? With compassion and empathy for all people you encounter. Then let go of the things holding you back from being who you truly are. To live the life you want. To support others as your heart desires. Connect to the field of potentiality to support you. Wake up the parts of yourself that are still dormant. An opportunity… Will you grab it?


What do you think? How do you market your talents? And which negative talk is keeping you from achieving your highest potential? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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