Is your wish list too good to be true? #GoodGirl

Dorothy pops in to see me for a morning cup of glory before heading out to work.


“Good morning!” I beam at her as I set about to get a cup of coffee going.

“Good morning. Slept well I trust?” Dorothy looks me over up and down approvingly.

“Without sounding boring I really need new clients. Only just scraped it last month.” I confide in my trusted friend. “I slept like a rose. And you?”

“Badly. Nisha had bad dreams and woke up during the night.” Dorothy yawns. Her eyes look slightly red.

“I told Wim this morning and he just repeats the obvious. That I need to find new clients. It doesn’t help.” I complain. “Oh no, what’s up with Nisha?”

“Nothing. Just a bad dream.” Dorothy says nonchalantly.

“I think what annoys me about Wim‘s reaction is that now that push comes to shove, now that I really need money, he seems to be edging out. He’s not suggesting to help me anymore. Just telling me I need new clients.” I go on complaining. Then in a worried voice: “She woke you up for a bad dream? Did you make it better?”

“No. Nisha had a bad dream. She woke me with a Nisha noise she was making. I didn’t make it better as I slept in the bed and she slept on the couch.” Dorothy says as if it’s completely normal to have friends sleeping over in one’s living room.

“Poor Nisha,” I exclaim. “Not very friendly of you. What was her dream about?”

“I don’t know.” Dorothy looks at me surprised.

“You didn’t ask her?” I laugh at her.

“No.” Dorothy is looking a bit sorry for lacking in a better friendly reaction.

“What did you say? Go back to sleep, stop making a noise?” I am having a hard time not laughing too much at the situation.

“No. She just went back to sleep.” Dorothy is looking at her hands as she fumbles about with an invisible speck of dust on her skirt.

“Well ask her later then.” I push her. “Dream analysis is quite interesting.”

Dorothy finishes her cup of coffee and heads out to work leaving me to see to my brood. She kisses me briskly on her way out.


That evening, Dorothy pops in on her way home from work. Evenings call for tea and biscuits.

“How’s our project going? What’s the next step? And when?” I press her for more info on the great business idea she presented to me some time ago. Then I change the subject back to my love life. “Are you sure you’re not Rumpelstiltskin? Stealing a guy from his girlfriend seems very wrong. And considering him as a mate whilst I am in a relationship seems wrong too. Those are just the basics which you taught me… If a relationship starts with cheating then there is no trust. But I also don’t want to be alone by 50. Is there no way to fix the Wim relationship?”

“Yes there is a way.” Dorothy snaps at me. I can see she hasn’t had the best day at work. All tense and stressed out, she really needs a day off to relax.

“Ah you didn’t mention that.” I reproach her. “What is it? It might be easier than getting a guy to fall for me through Whatsapp.”

“Leave him and start again.” Dorothy looks at me darkly.

“Poop.” I sulk into my tea cup. “I’ll stick with this plan instead.”

“Indeed.” Dorothy’s vibe is telling me she isn’t up for nonsense tonight. “Arrange coffee dates with Paul. Go see him for lunch in a public place. Stuff like that.”

“So I ask him out?” I ask her disgustedly.

“Sure why not? It’s a flirtatious chat only.” Dorothy reminds me.

“Sounds like me chasing him but OK.” I’m definitely not happy with how things are turning.

“It’s OK to chase him.” Dorothy tells me and my inner compass is telling me she’s lying.

“It is?” I ask with sarcasm in my voice. “That’s not in the rules.”

“Yes just meet always in a public place.” Dorothy emphasizes again.

“All very strange.” I ponder without amusement. “And I’m going to get out of this financial scrape too?”

“Yes. My people in Canada are making enquiries to set up money transfers through you at the moment.” Dorothy takes on her formal business tone.

“Really?” I am still having a hard time believing this deal to be true.

“Yes,” Dorothy nods.

“I’m a bit baffled.” I really would like this to be true.

“See you later.” Dorothy finishes off her cup of tea. Then gets up to kiss me goodbye.


We spend a lot of time and energy exploring ways we can better ourselves (be better, feel healthier, live more conscious). This constant drive for self-improvement is actually telling us that we are never good enough. Therefore I’d like to encourage you to approach you life with more self-care, self-compassion and self-acceptance. There is no finish line in life. So just aim to be the best version of yourself.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


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