Business angel or investment scam? #GoodGirl

Monday morning, on my way to work, making my commuting journey more enjoyable by filling it with a telephone conversation with Dorothy. Unfortunately for me, Dorothy isn’t answering the phone and I am in dire need of filling her in on my activities. So I decide to leave her a very long voice message.

“Hello gorgeous,” I cheer down the phone. “Good morning, good weekend? Quick update from my side,” I am fast to continue. “I love Wim. Wim loves the baby. The baby loves Wim. Not changing a winning team. Mr Threesome just isn’t that into me.” I go on to complain. “I suggested coffee or lunch like you said. And he said that would be difficult before the 13th because he’s got a busy schedule. So he doesn’t have time for me, meaning that he’s just not that into me.” I pauze for breath, then continue : “Or he’s waiting for you to be out of the picture making me a sitting duck. Either way, I’ll do coffee and lunch in public places to keep him sweet for business but nothing else. Unlike Marta I will not do what it takes to get the deal. Hope you’re still working on that idea cause it’s bloody brilliant. Checked out different payment systems. Paypal seems good. But I’m also looking into alternatives and will let you know what I find. Please give me update on this last project. I’ve sent a mail question to my banker and also to Paypal enquiring. There are other solutions too. Have to go. Will talk soon. Keep me posted on new developments.”

And I end my message with a few resounding kisses. Then I send her a text message as I’m waiting by the traffic lights : “Did you like the coaching e-book I sent you?” Desperately awaiting a reply.

Some minutes later I get a lengthy text message back, which at first I found disappointing, as I had kind of hoped she would call me. It’s so much more fun to talk on the phone than to text message each other.

She wrote : “Hi Fiona. Yes a pleasant weekend. As for Paypal, you are doing a lot of very unnecessary research. We know how to get around the problem. You are the last piece of the puzzle. Re-inventing the wheel is not necessary. In case you don’t know Crimea is under international sanction as it is a territory that is not yet recognised as being part of Russia or Ukraine. In effect it is now being administered as part of Russia. 2018 all institutions in the Crimea have to be registered in Moscow. What they are doing is finding out how many and average invoice value for you to process. When I am back there I will set up a system and get it going. Please don’t draw anymore attention to yourself, even though this will be legal Crimea is sanctioned. You won’t be transferring funds to the Crimea until it is recognised as Russian.”

I quickly google’d the entire political situation and read that the US, the EU and Ukraine declared they will never recognize Crimea a part of Russia. So that throws that brilliant idea off the table. Yet it was a nice one to dream about, so I pretend I don’t know and I go along with it. Yet something is nagging in the back of my mind. Setting up payment systems sounds dodgy. But if Crimea will never be recognized as part of Russia, my fairytale deal will never see the day of light. However, I see a pattern emerging, just like with Marta, where I’m not speaking up and I’m allowing a “friend” to use me to their advantage again. Or is this paranoia? Or lack of trust in others? How do I tell the difference?

“Ok thanks again. Have a nice day.” I message back to Dorothy at the next traffic jam standstill. “Going to miss you when you’re gone. Will you still message me from time to time?”

And Dorothy replies : “Thanks. Yes we will be in touch. I will be pushing payments to you.”

“Yes but who am I going to have crazy conversations with?” I send back to her.

“With me from time to time.” Dorothy answers.

“Hope so.” Can one sound dubious in replying to a text message. “When are you leaving?”

“After I have explained in detail how this money thing will be done. In three weeks I hope. By Christmas ideally otherwise the first week of January. I will know once the invitation arrives some time next week. Then it’s ten days for the Visa and a few days to pack and fly.” I love receiving long replies from Dorothy.

“Okay I’m curious about the money transfer thing. Happy you will explain before leaving.” And then I send another text : “Jo is coming over this evening. Looking forward to that.”

“Enjoy. She is so positive now. Success is almost oozing out of her.” Dorothy sends back.

“I’m happy for her.” I wonder if you can tell if someone is genuinely beaming in a text message. “She deserves it. Bless her.”

To my great dismay, ten minutes after this conversation with Dorothy, I received a message from Jo explaining that she cancelled for the evening. She’s tired and just wants to put her feet up. I can’t hide my hurt feelings. So I call Dorothy. I need to hear a familiar voice to tell me it’s all okay.

“She cancelled,” I whine.

“Oh well she must be going to talk to her brother-in-law about things, I guess. Never mind next time.” Dorothy calms me. “Are you not going to yoga later?”

“No,” I answer shortly. “It’s a Wim night and Christine is coming for my nails. Oh well…” And I let out a deep sigh to underline the feelings of rejection I’m trying to give a better place.

“Enjoy Wim. See you tomorrow.” Dorothy chirps.

“Tomorrow?” I ask her alarmed. Did I forget a girls’ date?

“Shall I pop in for dinner?” Dorothy suggests. “Yes I will pop in for dinner and dessert. Pancakes with syrup will do.”

“Sounds like a healthy meal,” I scold her lovingly. “You know you can’t eat all of that with your diet.”


What do you think? Do you see any patterns emerging yet? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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