Not to worry #GoodGirl

Dorothy has popped round for a cup of tea. I have taken the liberty of opening a box of chocolates I had purchased to present to one of my clients as an end-of-year gift. Oh well, it’s the holiday season and we’re supposed to be eating all the wrong stuff. Smile.


“Just had a few lovely thoughts. If that payment project of yours actually happens and is lucrative then I could reduce my days at BNP to 4 days a week, hence less stress. And I could stop the AirBnB and Willem would have his own room so I would sleep better. And my entire life would look soooo much better.” I am nibbling a piece of dark chocolate as I dream of my perfect life of luxury.

“Yes indeed. What’s the split of profits?” Dorothy just loves to talk about business.

“You tell me,” I look at her all excited. “Is it 50/50?”

“90/40,” Dorothy replies.

“90/40 won’t work,” I give her an odd look. Surely she knows that doesn’t add up to a hundred. “Can you invoice me?”

“90 for me and 40% of the 10% for you.” Dorothy clears up the misunderstanding. “I can yes. But for what?”

“For your part of the profit,” I laugh as I find the question rather clear and obvious. “I only get 4%…? 4% commission on the total amount transferred?”

“I mean what would I be invoicing you for? What service. No you get 50%.” Dorothy thinks she’s making perfect sense. But she already has all the figures worked out. I still need to get my head around this.

“You’re playing with me,” I sulk. “Consultancy? Coaching? Scrum master?”

“The com is around 4% of the total amount transferred.” Dorothy attempts to clarify the data.

“Ok,” I answer but my tone is conveying I’m not quite following. “And the 4% is split 50/50 between us?”

“Yes,” Dorothy beams back at me, all pleased with herself.

“Ok,” I say hesitantly again. “When are you going to explain what I have to do? Next week?”

“Don’t expect huge amounts to start with.” Dorothy warns me. “Yes next week.”

“What should I expect to start with?” I want to know.

“I hope you will earn 5.000 plus a month.” Dorothy flashes me another one of her smiles.

“I hope too,” I say dazedly. “But to start with, how much? And how will it get to 5k?”

“I would think around 2.000,” Dorothy states realistically.

“Wow!” And my mouth goes a perfect O-shape. “2k euro? Each?”

“I will try and negotiate a good deal.” Dorothy says a little smug. “No not each. But you can use it all to begin with and hold a credit for me.”

“No I won’t use it and no credit.” I have a fierce sense of wanting to be fair and right. “I don’t want any unpleasant surprises.”

“I will try and get it up fast so I can invoice you for some of it.” Dorothy goes on telling me.

“And best keep it fair from the word go.” I advise her. “Ok?”

“Yes you will. Its just accounting.” Dorothy retorts.

“I’m having a hard time believing it’s real.” I admit as my head is spinning with possibilities and dreams.

“Trust will take a little time so no mistakes or late payments. As soon as you have been paid it must be sent to Russia. They will sort it out there as to who gets what in Russia.” Dorothy tells me sternly.

“But lovely to think of prospects.” My head is spinning and I can feel myself relaxing inside. There is money on it’s way to me. Everything’s going to be be okay. “I can do that, no problem. Which currency am I dealing in?”

“You will have to wait until I am back. I think it will start up in February.” Doroth coaxes me. “Euros, Dollars, Rubels.”

“Oh so it’s a few more months of struggling for me then.” I say dismayed and a pang of panic hits me in the stomach again.

“No only Euro and Dollars. Maybe Pounds.” Dorothy corrects herself. “Not Rubels.”

“Ok,” I say as I am trying to take it all in.

“Yes. When I get back I will see a few people to organise the processes. They will then mobilise everyone they know in need of this service.” Dorothy is extremely pleased with herself.

“Hmmmm ok.” My mind is at ease. It’s total relaxation again. “Hope I manage another 3 months.”

“Ok. I am off to Leuven now. See you later.” Dorothy takes a last piece of delicious Galler chocolate. Then she kisses me goodbye and is off to her next appointment.


What do you think? For those of you who haven’t understood the inherent life lesson in this blog post, just let me know. I’ll be happy to explain the hidden meaning.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


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