One friend, one heart #GoodGirl

Morning call with Dorothy in rush hour traffic to Brussels.


“Good morning!” I smile as I answer the phone.

“Good morning. How are you?” Dorothy repeats back to me.

“I’m being good.” I make a point. “And you?”

“I am hoping to get my papers in order next week so I can go home. Other than that all is the same.” Dorothy tells me. I know she’s fed up of the land of Oz and her shoes have been itching and twitching her to leave the State of the Munchkins.

“Strange that over there is home now.” I muse. “So home for Christmas. Debbie must be missing you.”

“Yes she is. She is very excited I am going home.” Dorothy confirms.

“Good for her.” I cheer with good heart. “And good for you. Maybe I should do what it takes too. Nobody made it big by playing by the rules. Gained a new client. 60 euros extra per month. Peanuts.”

“Better than nothing. Ask for referrals.” Dorothy encourages me. “Do what it takes to do what?”

“Generate income. But I’m too autistic to break the rules. ” I thought it was obvious. “Had Suzi on the phone yesterday. She was going on about Nisha. I hear she wants Intermezzo.”

“Yes. She does that a lot.” Dorothy sighs heavily.

“Coincidentally the restaurant where we went for a meal recently.” It comes out sounding more accusing than I had meant it too. Before you know it, Dorothy might think that I’m jealous she has other friends besides me. To be honest, sometimes I do get jealous. My own insecurities that she might end up liking another friend better than me, and oh horror, she might start spending more time with them.

“I hope she gets it.” Dorothy answers.

“Gets what?” I got caught up with my own thoughts for a moment. “Oh yes Intermezzo. Yes.”

“I assume you mean Suzi wants Intermezzo.” Dorothy corrects me.

“No Nisha wants it.” I set the record straight.

“Oh. Yes she does but the owner won’t sell.” Dorothy tells me all the latest gossip.

“Why?” I enquire.

“Suzi likes to bad mouth everyone including you. She hurts Nisha a lot.” Dorothy pierces the painful ulcer.

“That’s a very one-sided story.” I retort. “I’m surprised you buy that.”

“The owner is waiting to meet someone like you to fall in love with and run the place.” Dorothy teases me.

“You’re always talking about assumptions and one side of the truth.” I point out again. I won’t let this go. “I want to do the Paypal payments, not run a restaurant.”

“True but Suzi did it to me too. I know Nisha can be one-sided too but the pattern is there. And Suzi, well she is who she is, I guess.” Dorothy picks up on my annoyance.

“Thought about an order confirmation – invoice – payment process.” I muse on about our Paypal scheme.

“That’s good.” Dorothy replies coolly.

“You tangoed too!” I pick up the thread again. There is a knot in my stomach.

“I what?” Dorothy blurts out down the phone. Her voice is rising dangerously high.

“I understand Suzi too.” I tell her in defense. “It takes 2 to tango. You and Suzi.”

“Really? She hates me because Michael chose me instead of her. I have no problem with Suzi. She means nothing to me. She is your bestest friend.” Dorothy is near hysterics now.

“Oh poop.” I let out. I didn’t mean for our conversation to escalate. “It wasn’t like that and you know it. Anyway I try not to get too involved with Nisha and Suzi. And I do understand both sides. But can’t get them to understand each other. Besides I’m all sour grapes now that Nisha doesn’t want to be friends anymore.”


I’m living at warp speed running my business and seeing to my children. I am continuously juggling multiple responsibilities. What I don’t need right now is drama from friends. The antidote to overwhelm is just staying out of it.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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