The Promise of a New Life ahead #CheshireCat

Since Dorothy took off her silver slippers and left with the Wizard of Oz on Christmas day, I found myself enjoying my solitude. I even caught myself enjoying conversations with myself. And then a weird thing happened. The Wizard of Oz would appear out of thin air. Or at least, it looked like the Wizard, for it clearly had his head, his voice. The rest of him was a cat. A strange, scraggly looking cat. Reminds me vaguely of a story I heard as a little girl.


“Good morning.” I chime cheerfully, as if seeing a cat with a Wizards head appearing in your kitchen is absolutely normal. “How are you? Did you get your papers and your Visa sorted?”

“I am fine how are you?” the Wizard answers. “Aren’t you ignoring me?”

“No I wasn’t ignoring you.” I wink at him. “I was sorting out what s what in my head. Silly”

“Is it sorted now?” the Wizard teases me.

“Yeay!” I cheer again. I am in a good mood today. “Happy for you. So when do you go home? I like your idea of the promised land”

“Next week after New Year I think.” the Wizard answers vaguely. I have already noticed he doesn’t like talking about himself.

“Super, then you get to see your kids for New Year.” I try to see the positive side. “Bonus”

“No I don’t.” the Wizard snaps back.

“That s poopy.” I admit.

“Yes but they will be having a good time.” the Wizard smiles as he makes a twirl mid-air, waving his long fluffy tail around.

“So the promised land, can that be wealth and happiness and no matter which country in the world? Or does it have to be Israel?” I want to know. I have been giving my desires and goals for the New Year a lot of thought. “I suppose so. But kids like seeing their daddy too…”

My mind trails off for a moment. Then I look at him again: “Will you help me with the videos and the podcasts like you said? And the Paypal payments?”

The Wizard gives no reply, so I mind-surf onto the next subject: “So this month I’ve generated an extra 210 euro. I’m hoping to double that next month. Still peanuts. No…?”

“Yes I will do what I can.” the Wizard finally offers airily.

“That’s awesome.” I say cautiously. Now I’ve heard the answer I wanted, I feel dubious. “But why?”

“Do you need a reason?” the Wizard teases me.

Everybody does something for a reason.” I remind him of a previous conversation we had. “Okay no then, I don’t need a reason. Will this also be a February thing or sooner?”

“Let’s see how it works out.” the Wizard performs another ballerina twirl. When he faces me again, his traits look stern. “Fiona I don’t know until I get back there and sit down with people and talk about what they want. The coaching stuff for a blog or pod cast will depend on the demands of surviving as it will become my hobby. If the writing is successful and people want live seminars then that is my gain. If you pick it up and start teaching and coaching and doing seminars that will be your gain.”

“Okay I’ll be patient.” I say trying to sooth the angry cat. “It’s just exciting. And something I’d really like to master.”

“I know.” the Wizard winks calmly. “It is exciting.”

“And I’m desperate.” I keep reminding him and myself. “A little.”

“I thought Wim would help you.” the Wizard raises an eyebrow.

“Mmm yes he will if I nag enough.” I answer reluctantly looking down at my hands and fumbling with an invisible speck of dust.

“Start nagging.” the Wizard coaxes me.

“Said we would look at finances this weekend and it didn’t happen.” I continue avoiding eye contact. This subject is very touchy and one I am still to proud to open up about. “Still it’s only a temporary solution. He’s not giving it to me but lending me the money. I’ll just be in debt.”

“Mmm well that is a problem.” the Wizard says pensively.

“I know. So I have to get myself out of this asap.” I am close to tears now. “Am doing my best. Told you, an extra 210 this month. And maybe more next month.”

“Keep going.” the Wizard looks at me rather concerned. A little too concerned for my comfort. “I am sure you will find a way.”

“I’m cutting down on expenses.” I think out loud. “I’ll just need to find more work.”

“That’s a good start.” the Wizard says kindly.

“It is.” I nod and then flash him a full smile. “I received a nails client request for the White Queen this morning…”

“Send it to her.” the Wizard pushes.

“Already did.” I answer rather proud of myself.

“Well done.” the Wizard pats me on the shoulder with his fat paw and his tail tickles me in my neck.

“I know, it shows that the SEO is working perfectly on that site.” I answer and I have a nagging feeling that I am totally off subject. Looking back, I think the Wizard was pleased that I put aside any petty feelings and just forwarded the client request to the White Queen. But still, that’s me.

“Yes. I just don’t think she knows how to market herself.” the Wizard looks at me expectantly.

“You can coach her.” I answer hoping this meets his expectations.

“No time left. She is trying but she likes instant gratification.” the Wizard continues to hold me in his gaze. “She is developing nicely. I will continue to coach her by Skype.”

“Haha are you trying to tell me something?” I laugh as I think I have caught on to what the Wizard wants me to muse on.

“Perhaps.” the Wizard winks with a twinkle in his eye.

“Ah a reply from the White Queen.” I shout out as I engross myself in my iPhone messenger.


I am quick to type a reply to Jo and press send feeling all happy with myself and the entire situation. When I look up next from my iPhone, the Wizard has disappeared. Leaving me to ponder how to do a better job at marketing myself.


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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