When are you joining the Blockchain conversation? #cryptocurrency

Thinking further about what the Wizard had told me about getting serious about marketing myself, I remembered he had once sent me a database of companies and their contact details. Now if there is one thing I hate in life, then it is cold calling. Cold calling is a skill that I believe is only bestowed on a select few. An elite of aggressively manipulative sales people. I am not one of them. Yet desperate times call for desperate measures.


“Oh poop, I lost the excel database you sent me.” I exclaim as the Wizard Cat appears in my study one morning.

“I will resend it as soon as I am back online with my computer.” the Wizard replies airily.

“Thanks. I deleted it by accident from my download files.” I answer relieved. “Thought I had saved it… Could gave sworn I had.”

He seems distracted this morning and I can’t figure out why he appeared at all. As he gives me no answer I just continue rambling on to him.

“Would you give me some advice but not be mad if I dont follow up on it?” I ask him eyeing him carefully for a reaction.

“No?” I ask after several minutes of silence have followed.

“So the Paypal middleman…” I continue, as I believe I have finally understood what the Wizard was getting at when he first started talking about his scheme. “I’m supposed to see the White Queen tonight.”

“Sure. I am off to Leuven now back late afternoon.” the Wizard says with a sense of rush and urgency in his tone. And at that he vanished into thin air.


The Paypal middleman scheme… I wonder. I have been mistaking generosity with being taken advantage of. I would pay for my friends. I was the paying pal. Setting up a website for the White Queen. Paying for the domain name, the WordPress theme, the Adwords campaigns to get her business going. And what for? No pal or friendship in return. Just a stupid old middleman caught up in a lifelong fight between her and her sister.

I am disgruntled with myself and continue pondering on these negative thoughts all day. Evening comes, Nisha arrives for her chat at the same time that Christine arrives to do my nails. A rather unfortunate coincidence. One arriving too late, and the other too early.

It is not until both ladies have left my house late that same evening that the Wizard Cat appears again. Only to find me in a very dispassionate state.


“Good evening.” I glare at the cat. “Saw the White Queen earlier on. If you want to know how it went just ask her to replay the recording. I pretended not to notice she was recording. At the end of the conversation I told her she shouldn’t record people. It’s illegal and not very nice. She didn’t agree. Saw not much positive change in her. Not like you keep saying. She also keeps bringing up the confrontation with the Queen of Hearts last summer as if she expects me to give a different answer. I told you she was all red flags last summer. Whenever she talked about the Queen of Hearts her whole face would change. Very negative and quite scary to see.”

“I don’t understand what you are hoping to achieve by telling me this.” the Wizard replies after a moment of unblinking silence. “Your squabbles are yours. What ever happened or was said obviously got under your skin that you need to justify it. It’s all very strange to me and yet it doesn’t even peak my interest, not even a little. Sorry I just don’t think I care. Is that hard?”

“Yes it is.” I retort glaring at the Wizard. Yet at the same time I realize the pettiness of the entire situation. In fact, I am relieved that the whole situation has come to a culminating point where I can merrily say goodbye to the ungrateful White Queen person.

“What was your question earlier on that you wanted to ask?” the Wizard asks with a dreamy tone in his voice.

“Oh silly things that would only irritate you.” I lie. In fact, I wanted to ask him how to deal with the White Queen situation. But found that I had done so expertly all by myself. Or rather, I didn’t really think I had handled it expertly. But I finished it either way. “So don’t worry. Have you got your tickets sorted?”

“Almost. I will book that tonight.” the Wizard replies floating about. “Getting to the airport is a problem.”

“When is it?” I ask him as I wonder how getting anywhere can be a problem for a disappearing and reappearing Wizard.

“Next Thursday.” the Wizard looks at me with a grin.

“What time?” I push on. I would like to do something in return.

“Don’t know yet either early morning or around 9 pm.” the Wizard answers with a hint of mischief I cannot place for the moment.

“If I can I’ll help.” I tell him eagerly. “Evening is not possible. It’s Prince Charming’s birthday.”

“Would very early work for you?” the Wizard asks with the same twinkle in his eye. The kind of look that always tells me he is putting me checkmate.

“Kids…” I answer with clear disappointment.

“Ok. Taxi will have to do.” the Wizard doesn’t seem put out at all.

“Sorry,” and I am put out. Never seem to be able to do anything right.

“No problem,” the Wizard replies soothingly. “I appreciate the offer.”

“How are you for the rest?” I change the subject.

“For the rest I am fine.” the Wizard keeps floating around the room in circles, making me dizzy with distraction trying to keep up with his continuous movement. “Just need to sort a few things out now. Very excited to go home and start the next adventure. How are you?”

“I’m calmer, less panicking. Doing good.” I tell him. “I’m looking to gather more peanuts to fill my bottle. I would love to embark on an adventure that leads me and my kids to the promised land. I’m excited about seeing things materialize that we talked about. I’m going to start with writing out my goals for 2018 this weekend.”

“That’s good,” the Wizard encourages me in a dull hypnotic tone. “Making a life plan is a good way to get perspective.”

“Any tips along which lines or categories I should be thinking?” I ask as all ideas to get started are always welcome. “Or shall I just write what comes to mind?”

“Well as you ask…” the Wizard has placed himself upon my desk looking very alert. “Firstly get serious about what you want, need and what is realistic. Decide on the end game and work backwards. Instead of making goals make desires. If you use a ‘wait and see approach’ be prepared to wait a long time. Break your desires into categories. Emotional, social, must have, family, relationship(s), work/ achievement.”

“Oh I like this,” I answer excitedly reaching for my pen and notepad as I quickly jot down what he just said. “I’ll let this sink in a bit and then I’ll get to writing over the weekend.”

“Remember money is a tool to obtain power and status only.” the Wizard tells me as he raises an eyebrow in a cocky way. “It is not the end game. Also be clear about your desires. Wishy washy desires never happen.”

“Shall I share it with you or would you find that boring?” I ask him as I continue doodling in my notebook.

“You can share it if you like,” the Wizard is peering over my notebook and trying to look disinterested at the same time. “I will say what I think if it helps you.”

“So smart desires,” I think out loud. “Measurable ones. And clear like ‘I want to be fit like Angelina Jolie’.”

“Yes,” the Wizard replies in his most sexy voice.

“I do like hearing your thoughts on things,” I admit blushing. “I just don’t like it when you get annoyed.”

“Ask anytime,” the Wizard says friendly.

I smile my biggest warmest smile at him as I relax back in my chair.

“That’s simple,” the Wizard continues amused, curling up on top of my notebook so I can’t continue doodling but am forced to give him my undivided attention. “I don’t get annoyed easily. But ask anyway.”

“You do with me,” I remind him sternly.

“Only when you are being silly,” the Wizard gives me a sleepy look from his curled up position. “I can’t see you as an idiot as hard as you might try.”

“Haha funny, very funny,” I laugh out loud and then pull my laptop closer to me. “Look at this website: Sheep for President dot com. Funny, all the cool stuff we talked about. Maybe cool stuff is in the air. If I were given 1 million in bitcoin I would probably sell them all and crash the cryptocurrency market.”

“If and buts don’t count,” the Wizard yawns at me. “I was too scared to buy when it was 4.000 a coin. I should have and sold when it was 15.000 I would have trebled my money. It’s the future. Box chain is what you must get into now. People don’t know how to use cryptocurrencies yet. There is money to be made here. I will ask about this too when I get back. Block chain or box chain. Don’t know which. Read an article on it recently after kicking myself for being a chicken.”


At that, the Wizard curled up again on my notebook and closed his eyes, disappearing into what seemed like a deep sleep shrouded in mysterious mist. I continued researching everything I could find on the internet pertaining to cryptocurrencies and how Blockchain works. The future looks bright and exciting, if only I could break the code.


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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