What are your dreams, desires and destinations for 2018?

“Good morning,” I cheer at the Wizard when I find him in the same place the next morning. “Hello! All packed?”

But the lazy animal just sleepily opened and closed its eyes again. Not in the least interested in my question. I don’t always deal with being ignored in the most graceful manner, so I remember my chat with the butterfly lady from New Zealand and decide to drop her another line.

“Hi lady Butterfly, regarding our chat…” I start out, as this is a subject which keeps looping in my mind nowadays. “Any suggestions when you would like to set this up?”

No point in beating about the bush. I really want this chat now. And for some reason I sense that the butterfly lady is cautiously edging out. Maybe she found my latest blog posts about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz slightly too psychedelic. Maybe she thinks I’m a wacko person after all.

“I’m at our holiday beach cottage and can talk on FaceTime or messenger or Skype,” she writes back to me. “Why don’t we arrange it over the coming days. Ok? Can talk forever.”

“That’s fantastic! Keep me posted.” I reply but really I’ve understood that patience is going to be needed in this instance. Patience to hear from the butterfly lady when she is ready to talk. And find out what all of this is about. Her last message ended with ‘could talk forever’ and the impatient little girl inside of me is remarking that we haven’t really been chatting a lot at all. Not enough to my liking.

“Did you enjoy the end of the year?” I ask the cat again, to no avail.

“Happy new year!” I write to the butterfly lady again. Now looking back it is so clear I am looking for some attention and distraction. Only the same morning had I dropped of my Wim at the hospital for his upcoming operation. If you remember me reporting, my man is fighting cancer and has to have his entire colon removed. I am doing my best to keep up a strong positive front, but kidding nobody not even myself in the process.

“Ahh just been to a great dance party but now en route home thanks be for the actual,” another message from the butterfly lady. “You were a highlight of 2017 dear Fiona and now… Home is where the heart is. All love.”

By now my growing concern for my life partner and another mysterious message from the butterfly lady, and life itself has gotten the better of me. I cannot think to answer immediately. How can I be the highlight of someone’s life? Especially if I have never met this person, never talked to her? Maybe she belonged to some kind of writers’ club. Maybe they had spent a few evenings reading out my blog posts and laughing about my writing. That would be positive in some way, I try to convince myself.

“Happy new year to you and yours,” the Wizard cat comes floating past me as I work off my frustration with a workout session on the crosstrainer. “May 2018 bring you blessings unlooked for.” And at that the Wizard dissolves slowly in mid-air again. Appearing, disappearing at the strangest of times.

“Thank you,” I smile back a forced grin. “Blessings mean a lot to me. So much to talk about. Must catch up soon. Wishing you all the best.” I shout after the smoke of disappearing cat.

“Hi lady Butterfly, I must say I am intrigued,” I write back what I put together in my mind while working out. “How can I be the highlight of 2017 if we haven’t properly talked yet? My curiosity is definitely getting the best of me here. Let me know when you want to talk. Facetime works for me, or Skype. Would be good to agree on timing. Happy new year! May 2018 bring many blessings.”

“Fiona You are right in voicing your curiosity because I am so embarrassed to even explain to you what has happened here. You must think me some kind of a fulsome stalker. Are you free to quickly talk so I can explain further?”


Have you ever noticed how you are unable to think of new or original things to say when you are extremely tired? Instead, you repeat the things which are at the front of your mind. Still, I think the Wizard’s New Year’s wish was a nice one to repeat. So happy I did so.


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


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