Alchemizing the pain of women into power #aftermetoo

I woke up the next morning with the Wizard cat curled up by my feet. As I sat up in bed to check the time on my iPhone, it opened a lazy eye at me, but didn’t stir. I had spent considerable time the previous evening researching all I could find on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. So I was proud to be able to share what I had found out.


“Good morning.” I smile at the Wizard. “Bitcoin is the future but overpriced for the moment. Intrinsic value is 900 Euro, not 15.000. So it will crash. Transactions take too long and are expensive. Also lots of fraud: are my bitcoins real? But it sure is the future.”

The Wizard closes it’s eye in clear boredom. So I try another tactic: “BNP announced a reorganisation yesterday. Change is coming.” And I hop nonchalantly out of bed.

“Hi. What kind of change?” the Wizard cat is suddenly wide awake and follows me down to the bathroom.

“Ah they are moving teams around and fusing teams,” I tell him as I squeeze tooth paste out of its tube. “They repeatedly said that nobody will lose their job. But the word ‘reorganisation’ I have heard before and it’s never good. The good part would be if I find a new contract and I up my fee. Would solve many problems. Oh yes but you are right. Blockchain needs improving. I didn’t think of looking into that. Blockchain is looking for a data scientist. That’s right up my alley. But in London. Should I apply? Or just open a wallet? Think I already have a wallet.”

“Do both,” the Wizard pretends to have lost sudden interest again. But I know better.

“Transaction fees are ridiculous,” I continue as I continue my morning rituals. “If I pay 100 Euro I will get bitcoins minus the transaction fee leaving me with 55 Euros worth of bitcoin! This is the biggest scam ever.”

“Yes its expensive,” the Wizard nods at me as he continues watching me prepare for the day ahead. “At this time stay out unless you can afford to lose money.”

“So not even to learn the ropes?” I throw a distrusting look sideways at the cat. “Strange… one moment you are telling me to jump on Bitcoin and Blockchain. Next you tell me to stay out. What is it?”

“Investigate block chain,” the Wizard says in a commanding wise tone. “Bitcoin just dropped in price. See what you can find out so you can consult others and take a fee.”

“Ok so Blockchain research…” I ponder as I apply my make-up. “Which role do you see me playing?”

“Advice for investors,” the Wizard continues. “Maybe even help investors buy and sell to get funds into European investment funds with your friend.”

“Oh fun!” I pull a funny face now. “Paul wished me a happy xm-ass. Still havent replied yet.”

“I see,” mused the cat amused. “Have you spent a fortune on your kids for Christmas?”

“No,” I sigh. “I had no money.”

“They must have been excited,” the Wizard looks at me intently for any sign of emotion.

“Yes, they enjoy chocolate and lazy days with mommy,” I confirm pretending that nothing is wrong.

“Are you home alone on Monday?” the Wizard suddenly twitches with his ears.

“On New Year’s day you mean?” I ask as I straighten my blouse and give myself an approving look in the mirror.  “Yes. Yes alone with 3 kids.”

“Where is the cat?” the Wizard wants to know.

“At home too,” I grin at him.

“What’s for dinner on Monday?” the Wizard has that look on his face again, and I know that what will follow will be of bad taste. “Will you be dessert?”

“I haven’t planned it yet,” I say as I head over to the kitchen to get a cup of tea going. “No I will not.”

“I could tie you to the kitchen table, blind fold you and ravish you a lot,” the Wizard has followed me into the kitchen and seems intent on upsetting my day off. “Mmmm. Cat got your tongue?”

“Just not my type of conversation,” I snap back at him. “Sorry, I am boring.”

“I am impressed,” the Wizard replies as he starts floating around for a change so he can get a better view on all that I am doing.

“No way man!” I exclaim and at the same time I am angry too that he has finally gotten under my skin despite my resolve to remain calm and poised. “You are strange and very weird.”

“So they say,” the Wizard sounds happy with himself. “Big plans for the weekend?”

“Food shopping on Saturday,” I start mentally planning my few days off with my darlings.

“Where are you going for New Year’s eve?” the Wizard enquires.

“With Wim to see friends,” I reply. “What are your plans?”

“That’s nice,” the Wizard answers. “Dinner with friends too. Monday visit the White Queen. Dinner with you perhaps.”

“Perhaps,” I sink down into a chair at the table and sip my tea before kids start stirring. “Would be nice to see you. And you haven’t seen the baby yet. But… You are not planning on bringing the White Queen along are you? Are you?”

“Yes true,” the Wizard smiles his mischievous grin. “I will do my best to drop in. I should have a car.”

“We will see,” I answer as I know immediately that means he won’t be coming at all.

“Should I bring anything?” he enquires again and I wonder why he keeps insisting on such pretense. He also already knows he won’t be showing up on Monday.

“Not the White Queen,” I emphasize. “Recording people without their consent is illegal. I will not be angry if you do not come.”

“Are you still squabbling?” the Wizard wants to know. “I was referring to wine, toys, etc.”

“No I have had enough,” I snap back thinking of Joti. “It is silent treatment part II now.”

“I see,” is all the Wizard has to reply.

Champagne if you really intend to come,” I throw back his way as I might as well ask for something really good and what I really like, especially if I know the probability is next to nothing for him actually turning up at my door.

“Ok,” says the Wizard and he gently fades out of picture.


You may wonder how I know if somebody is actually planning on turning up or not. I’m still pondering on it myself. But I do know. Or maybe I make it so myself. Who is to tell?


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


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