The phenomenal real me #paranoia #parasite

I didn’t sleep well that night. One of the obvious reasons being the aches and pains of the flu my body was combatting. The other reason being what the Wizard had told me. It lingered on my mind for quite some time. I twisted and turned his words over and over in my mind. Not fully grasping the meaning of what was said. But nevertheless, the resolute decision formed within me that that would be the very last of my paranoia attacks. Never again would I let my mind and imagination get the better of me again. After all, it isn’t serving me.

The Wizard is moody the next day, and time will show that he will remain moody for an entire week. He still appears at random moments, only to munch around my kitchen and then disappear again. On one occasion I attempt to humour him.

“Ok I am sorry about this and I agree,” I whisper to him softly. “No more. Have a wonderful day.”

I refrain from insisting on getting a response from him. I am determined to show him not with words, but with actions, that from now on I will better that part of myself that runs away with me. From now on, I will keep my feet firmly on the ground.

I know years from now I will thank myself for saying no to paranoia, to committing to my healing journey. The Wizard of Oz shares so many powerful tools for eliminating stress, healing and developing phenomenal, deep core strength in all aspects of my life. I know that even if I do just 80% of what the Wizard tells me, I will see results that will continue to support me this lifetime.

It is going to take work, it won’t always be easy. But I will compassionately do my best, accept myself along this journey and allow for my imperfect action to carry me forward. The Wizard knows how to “kickstart” and reset people. I will allow him to guide me and elevate my health, happiness and wellbeing to new levels.

Sure to see changes in my energy, sleep, healing, mood and of course this affects every aspect of my life. I believe I can do it!

Paranoia is like a parasite.

If you spend a lifetime having chronic stress or trauma within your life, your attitude changes from good to bad, which allows for mood and attention disorders, cravings, addictions and the list goes on.

Potentially this journey may even change me so dramatically I might be a different person in all my relationships. Or maybe I will for always just be me. I like being me. *smiles*

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


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