Good news #video #training

I had just completed my morning meditation session when I find the Wizard staring at me intently from across the room. I get up slowly and walk towards him.

“Good day to you Doc Oz,” I pat him gently on the head. “How are you? I am having strange dreams.”

“Tell me,” the Wizard is all ears to hear what is going on in the chatter of my mind.

“And some magic in my life. Not quite what I expected, but mixture of what we talked about: coaching, vlogging and passive income,” I add on the extra excitement of my life turning positive. I head off downstairs with the Wizard following close behind me on his fluffy cloud. “Two dreams. One in my old house in Wavre, happily married to Prince Charming, out in the garden with blue flowers lying in the sun in the grass. I loved that garden. Winston was asleep in bed upstairs, still a baby. I was feeling a bit horny and happy that Prince Charming would be home soon. Happy feeling. How it could have been if I had not been so hurt and lost. The second dream I had chosen the Knave of Hearts instead of Wim. I wasn’t happy.” I pause a moment to brush my teeth, then I continue with the best part of my latest news. “The magic… I’ve been contacted by a Belgian company to make a series of coaching training videos on Google stuff. I get a fee of 1.500 per video – and more according to length. Then I’ll make an extra 25% on resulting sales.” I brush my hair feeling absolutely proud with this latest development. “How good is that?! Come on it’s bloody fantastic.”

“Thats amazing,” the Wizard watches me twirl around in front of my bathroom mirror, taking in the excitement and good cheer which is clearly radiating from my entire being. “You must do it.”

“It is!” I cheer applying a light touch of make-up. “Can’t believe my luck.”

“Your dreams are nothing to worry about,” the Wizard comforts me. “They just reflect memories.”

“Hmmm the Knave of Hearts just wasn’t a good choice from the word go,” I pause to asses myself in front of the mirror. My attire is sober, yet elegant. “He just wanted to go dancing the whole time.”

“Why are you dwelling on this?” the Wizard never hides his annoyance from me. “This is not a good subject for your blog.”

“Okay got that noted,” I say absent mindedly. Oh so now my dreams and inner dwellings are too boring to blog about? Fine. Let’s keep the conversation focused on the positive then: “How does a Reiki healer dress? Can I keep my usual wardrobe?”

“You would be more comfortable in loose clothing like a kaftan or casual wear,” the Wizard is happy to advise me on magical attire. “No popping out or tight clothes. Flat shoes or sneakers. Hair off your face. Reiki is from zen Buddha and Chinese.”

I give this some thought as I potter around the kitchen getting breakfast ready for my littles. These are the moments I treasure the most: inviting my children to the table. It’s a unique and not-to-be-missed moment to share together. We enjoy exchanging anecdotes of the day, our worries and questions. These are the moments where we get to know each other a little bit better each day. I really enjoy the conversations I have with my littles. These brief moments of invaluable time together. There is wisdom in the Wizard’s comfort food.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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