Relate to your dreams and desires #video #training

Like I said, I am totally engrossed in the ‘4 hour work week’ book I have purcharsed recently from Amazon after carefully researching which management advise will help me advance my business and take things to the next level. The Wizard has been sitting nicely curled up at my feet without stirring.

“Ok I have continued in Tim Ferriss…” I tell the Wizard as I put down the book to discuss my latest findings. “Although I am self-employed I actually fall under the employees… No real product, slaving my hours away… Good thing is I’ve got my two days homeworking. So that counts as half remote… Now for a raise… Which might not be easy… Nothing really concrete yet apart from making a plan and how much it will cost. I’d still prefer to become filthy rich.”

“Keep looking you will find the answer,” the Wizard coaxes me on, evading to be too specific. The best answers are the ones you find out for yourself after all.

“What about those payment systems?” I continue questioning the Wizard. “Did you find an answer? Or did you know it all before you read the book?”

“No. Not yet,” the Wizard yawns lazily. “Still looking into it.”

“You could have written this,” I point at the book. “Completely your style. I’m happy though. Haven’t read a book in an entire year. How bad is that?”

“No I found an answer that worked for me in my twenties and thirties,” the Wizard stretches himself out lazily on his cloud. Probably a power pose in cat body language. “Lost the plot when I came to Belgium. Married the wrong person I think.”

“Hmmm maybe,” I look at him pensively not quite convinced.

“Very bad,” the Wizard wags his tail at me. “You should read business books when you can.”

“I was busy doing other things,” I remind him. “I did yoga last year and lots of studying and courses and certificates. I listened to audiobooks though.”

“l…” the Wizard was going to say something and then stopped himself short for no apparent reason. “A… of course. Keep a book in the toilet. There you can read for twenty mins while you pretend.”

“I only spend a few seconds on the loo,” I laugh at him. “I am now encouraged to make some free time for reading. I love reading.”

“I know but others will think you are busy and not disturb you,” the Wizard nudges me gently with his paws. “Best hobby there is.”

“Haha I have good kids,” I continue the merry banter. “I think so too. What’s your dreamline?”

“What’s yours?” the Wizard throws the ball back into my court.

“Mine is travelling with my kids and getting paid and sponsored for it,” I say with a big smile and starry eyes.

“Talk to the lady in London,” the Wizard reminds me.

“And setting up a lucrative company,” I continue my list of desires. “The London lady never answered…”

“My dream line is confused at the moment,” the Wizard looks at me with his fixed gaze.

“It is?” I am puzzled. I am sure the Wizard has it all figured out. Or maybe he means that my dreams and desires are still too fuzzy to work. “What’s it all about?”

“How to retire in ten years,” the Wizard smiles.

“And selling e-books and video tutorials for passive income,” I continue counting.

“Yes,” the Wizard nods.

“You want to retire?” I ask surprised.

“Yes,” the Wizard confirms.

“I would like to continue doing things,” I correct him.

“I want to sleep with lots of women too,” the Wizard is getting naughty and it usually means there is a hidden message for me to discover.

“You don’t,” I reproach him. “You’re in love with Debbie.”

“Don’t think either will happen,” the Wizard sighs.

“It’s not your style,” I won’t let this go of course. I have also picked up on him not believing in his own dreams either. First signs of self-sabotage. “Surprised you said that.”

“Debbie is busy making beautiful pottery,” the Wizard sighs again.

“Lovely,” I attempt to lift his spirits for creativity is the pinnacle of true self expression.

“I will continue on the path I have chosen,” the Wizard turns the table resolutely. “It has a time limit and rules. Should I not be able to win I will return to Belgium and try something new. See confused.”

“Make it work,” I insist. “No escape routes.”

“Yes that’s the idea,” the Wizard beams happily that I am learning that there is only one way and that’s forwards. “How is Wim?”

“Okay,” it is now my turn to sigh. “Preparing for chemo. Starts next week.”

“I feel for him,” the Wizard cocks his head sideways which looks funny on his cat body. “Chemo sucks big time. I pray he will recover and it all goes away.”

“Me too,” I smile and breath deeply. “Thanks for that.”

“Are you coping?” the Wizard wants to know.

“Yes. Have to move forward,” I repeat the essence of our exchange. “Need to generate income. Hope to find some answers or ideas soon.”

“Keep him positive as much as you can,” the Wizard advises me. “Make him laugh a lot.”

“I will and I do,” I reassure him. “I tell him all my funny shit.”

“Have you heard from the training people?” the Wizard is adamant on making sure I am not being lazy just sitting around and reading management books.

“Yes we are doing a short trial next week,” I am proud to announce. “See how the camera likes me. And if I have anything interesting to tell.”

“That great!” the Wizard encourages me further. “Learn as much as you can about how they set things up. Stick your chin out.”

“Ah?” I hadn’t thought of that. “Because we will use that?”

“Yes,” the Wizard smiles.

“Lift my chin?” I ask him.

“Read how models make themselves look camera friendly and the use of posture,” the Wizard goes on spelling it out for me. “Yes stick it out.”

“Ok,” I laugh out loud. “Ok.”

“Get some eye drops and use them before the shoot so they are shiny and white,” the Wizard seems to know all the tricks for all professions. How did he get to be so knowledgeable?

“Haha all the tricks,” I laugh in amusement. “What about clothes?”

“Loose fitting and elegant,” the Wizard looks me over approvingly. “Nice ear rings but not a distraction. Soft makeup that highlight your blue eyes.”

“Got it,” I smile back at him.

“Boobs stay inside your clothes,” the Wizard points at my chest area.

“They never pop out,” I am defensive about my appearance. “Come on. But noted. Any specific colour? Blue, red, white?”

“No but cleavage can be very distracting,” the Wizard sure knows how to make a point.

“Ok no boobs,” I wink at him.

“No as you feel,” the Wizard continues on the matter of colour choice. “Keep your hands away from your face.”

“Okay, soft make up, earrings, chin out, drops in eyes, no boobs,” I sum up. “Ah yes, no fidgeting. I find that hard.”

“Good girl,” the Wizard smiles content to be leading me on the path to success. “Be your usual soft gentle and confident self.”

I beam at him and blow him a sweet kiss.

“It’s bed time for me,” the Wizard yawns as his cloud starts lifting of floatingly slow. “See you soon. Be good.”

“Will do,” I blow him another kiss as I wave him off. “Sleep tight.”

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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