Satisfied with homeworking solutions #NewWayOfWorking

Enjoying a productive and focused day of homeworking, I am spending my lunch break with some light reading in Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour work week book. The Wizard of Oz interrupts this moment of mind surfing.

“Buenos dias Doc Oz,” I look up from my study. “I am loving this book. Some thoughts: I clearly can get by without the Star. I am managing kids and business perfectly by myself. Problems for later…” I take a deep breath as I let this realisation set in. “He talks about a virtual assistant, but won’t need that. Then there is the minimum contact. Not sure what to make of that. If Ii limit my client meetings, become unavailable by phone and don’t respond to emails, then my service is useless. Maybe he is talking only about selling a product. I would really like to sell a product.” I roll my eyes as I observe that what works for one person and type of business, won’t necessarily work for another. “Love what he says about productivity. No surfing the internet, reading or replying to mails. Limit that to certain hours. I am doing that now and am more productive, organized and less stressed.” I let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. “Hmmm how is bread? Do you make different kinds? Is your desire to sleep with lots of women an expression of being penis driven, or is it a comparison to me wanting to be filthy rich?” I look at the Wizard quizzically but don’t wait for an answer. “Okay a few further thoughts on the virtual assistant from India… 1. Could he/she find me sponsors for my travel blog? 2. Could he/she research a niche product article for me to sell online and then help set up the website etc? 3. Could he/she help me automate my monthly reports for my clients? 4. Could he/she help me find new clients? What do you think?”

“Hi,” the Wizard replies and he blinks at me twice consecutively. “Read about Tim’s background. ‘Less is more’ is a good concept when less is done very well as it saves time. Being unavailable can increase the demand when clients think you are the only one who can solve their problems. In your case you need to be available as you have a lot of competition. Outsourcing your assistant is not a good idea unless they have a very specific roll to play. For example analytics on specific web sites that you can check. Finding you clients and making appointments is something you must do. You will sell your services better than anyone. Time management is important. Structure of how and when you use your time is important. Setting targets is important. Making so many calls per day to make appointments and achieving those targets is important. You delegate the donkey work. Don’t delegate the things you are scared of that make your reputation as you can be very certain others who don’t have your business at heart will fuck up. Looking for an Indian to make contacts for sponsorship is not good. Having a Belgian person calling hotels and airline companies to find sponsorship is good but you need to increase your blog readership onto the 10.000 level for anyone to take you seriously. You should consider contacting bloggers in the USA to expand your blog. Something like that by writing about destinations and things to do as a single mom with kids in cities and branch resorts in Europe. If you can get them to re-blog or increase your following you can get sponsorship easily.”

I love it when the Wizard is in a talkative mood. He gives me lots of food for thought. Things I will be reminiscing on over the coming days, I am sure.

“Oh okay so still some more building to do,” I don’t hide my disappointment. I am blogging my ass off and getting quite a nice following. But nowhere near the ten thousand mark. Not yet in any case. “Not quite there yet… I get the calling but still find that the most horrific part of my job. According to Ferriss ‘that which you fear most is what you most need to do’… hmmm.”

“Yes indeed,” the Wizard nods.

“Okay just phoned a hot lead,” I tell him rather proud of myself. “Scary but glad I followed up. Hope I get the contract.”

“Well done,” the Wizard encourages me.

“What about product creation?” I question him next. “The oil tank idea was good. Ah wait… information sells well. Need to write e-books or make podcasts…”

“Yes write ebooks,” the Wizard confirms.

“Ok inspiration problem,” I roll my eyes again. “Unless you’ve got a great topic. And how long should it be?”

“You want a topic?” the Wizard muses. “Mmmm will have to think about that. 30 to 60 pages max.”


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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