How online video changes what it means to be an entrepreneur

The Wizard appears next to me with a loud ‘plop’ looking very matter-of-factly and all-important.

“Please put into your diary for next Tuesday a Skype video call,” he commands me. “I want to introduce you to Mary. She is very interested in social media marketing. As well as the things that go on around it. I thought you could give her some insights. Maybe even get her to get some certification and use her remotely somehow. She is very bright and energetic. She comes for lessons at 15.00 your time.”

“Okay… I have another meeting at 15:30 so be punctual and to the point,” I mumble as I check my diary rather bewildered to respond to this demand. “Is Mary from Cuba? And what age and so? My Skype address is the same as my Hotmail.”

“Yes she lives here,” the Wizard nods in a rather stiff and formal way. “She is a student. 19 going on 20 in April I think. She is very active with marketing on Instagram and other social media here. She is full of energy. Very smart too.”

“Sounds interesting,” I mumble again losing my marbles and trying to keep it all together. “Not sure what I can teach her but do know of some interesting courses etc. We’ll see. I’ve noted it in my agenda. In fact social media marketing is very interesting and it’s the future. I don’t have enough time to learn it all. I got my Twitter certificate a few months ago, but there is also Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest and what-not. Plus I am still doing my other certificates, and Reiki, and I am learning how to take care of Wim’s stoma too.”

“You are very busy,” the Wizard answers approvingly.

“I know where to find all the resources though,” I finally look up to face him head on. “I am. Loving it. Need to lose weight. I am fat. Apparently I have lost a lot of weight lately people keep telling me. Must be the stress and the worry.”

“Just have a get-to-meet-you chat,” the Wizard ignores my self-assesment. “If you feel a click we can arrange another Skype call for a fuller chat.”

“Yes I love chatting,” I nod seeing the benefits of this announced distraction. “It will be nice.”

“I am waiting to hear if guys want invoicing help,” the Wizard whispers conspiratorially. “Offered the service at 5%.”

“Yeay!” I cheer for joy.

“I have suggested they get their act together,” he frowns a little. “I want to invoice to start with 30.000 $.”

“That would be nice,” I smile. “Yes tell them to make it work! This is all legit right?”

“Are you a happy Valentine person today?” the Wizard has caught on to my good spirit. “Yes its legit. Kosher so to speak. Sorry no skullduggery.”

“I am generally happy again,” I am happy to announce. “Happy to be succeeding with baby steps. Peanuts are good.”

“That’s good,” the Wizard nods. “It all adds up.”

“After a few more peanuts and some more confidence, I want to aim for the big fish,” I go on telling him my future plans. “And I am curious about the invoicing system. And about Mary.”

“Yes Mary might be a gem for you,” the Wizard encourages me to broaden my horizons.

“Okay I don’t see that yet, but nice to think,” I admit.

“There are others who you could outsource to,” the Wizard winks at me.

“Really?” I am caught with surprise. “Like who and what for?”

“Well if you want more clients you could outsource the donkey work or the SMM work and just manage and sell to more clients,” the Wizard explains the obvious. “You negotiate the rates based on your selling price and take the profit. Who I don’t know yet. But easy to find out. Depends on your requirements. No Belgium contracts just freelancers.”

“Freelancers are great,” I cheer on. As an entrepreneur, I have learned the hard way how Belgian government steals from poor hardworking small enterprises in terms of social security and taxes, whilst making huge discounts for larger corporations. The only way to survive in this country is not to hire anybody on a fixed contract, but to work with trusted freelancers. Noted.

“I have a friend who does project management admin like that,” the Wizard tells me what he has seen and learned on his journeys.

“What sucks is the languages, Dutch and French,” I think of certain other practicalities. “Nice.”

“English will have to do,” the Wizard advises me. “Maybe some French but that’s not common.”

“We’ll see how and what,” I tell him as I return my attention back to my work.


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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