Committing to online marketing in all its forms

“Morning Doc Oz,” I smile slowly at the Wizard as I stir my coffee at the Work Café in BNP building.

“Hi Fiona,” the Wizard floats around me with a twirl on his cloud. “How are you?”

“Scary morning,” I admit. “Got a new client in Facebook and social media campaigns. I don’t think I know enough about social media marketing. Campaign needs to launch by Monday. Wim starts his chemo this morning.”

“I wish him well,” the Wizard says softly.

“Record Bank will be leaving me as a client by next month as they are being taken over by ING,” I go on explaining the root cause of my anxiety.

“You had better start reading,” the Wizard encourages me to not stand still but to take action now.

“I’m going round to his place in the weekend to help out,” I muse on about Wim’s health condition. “I know, I am going to start research after coffee.”

“Call Biobank and ask for Bob,” the Wizard offers me his support.

“Who’s Bob?” I ask in amazement. “Somebody you know?”

“A director of Biobank,” the Wizard answers. “Yes.”

“Biobank?” I repeat again not sure if I have heard of them before or if it just sounds good.

“Bio,” the Wizard confirms.

“Okay thanks for the tip,” I say making a note of Bob at Biobank. “So far I am on target with my objectives.”

“You have a good reference with BNP Fortis,” the Wizard preps my confidence levels.

“The Old-Woman-who-lives-in-a-Shoe hung a plastic bag on my door with chocolates and a card,” I tell him with another puzzled look. “The card wrote ‘Fiona’ at the top and ‘Mum’ at the bottom. Yes BNP is good for my credibility. Record Bank is good too. They’ve been a client for 4 or 5 years now.”

“Wow. She is trying,” the Wizard whistles. “Must be hard for her with her autism. Biobank is part of BNP.”

“That’s the point,” I exclaim. “She is nice and then double nasty again. It’s scary and uncomfortable.”

“Don’t demand or expect much,” the Wizard advises me.

“Oh it is? I’ll check it out. But Facebook campaign research first,” I answer factually. “I’m not expecting anything. I want the harassing and the pestering to stop.”

“Take your time,” the Wizard susses me. “Bob has lots of connections.”

“Okay I have enough going on anyway,” I remind him of my busy agenda. “Need to make my presentations for the video trainings and have clients to keep happy too.”

“He is a very nice man,” the Wizard reassures me knowing how unpleasant I find cold-calling. “You will like him.”

“Also email marketing I need to learn,” I go over all the things I still need to do on my way to success. “Hope so.”

“Discuss that with Mary,” the Wizard reminds me of my outsourcing options.

“Good idea, but she needs to learn too right?” I think practicalities again.

“She does it part time for people,” the Wizard points out that Mary is no novice. “Instagram too.”

“Oooh really?” I sound excited now. “Now that is interesting. She needs Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter too. In that order.”

“I don’t know what she knows,” the Wizard admits. “I guess she is still developing her skills.”

“I think it’s easy to learn, very similar to Google Adwords,” I say as online marketing is indeed no rocket science. “Just need to find out what s what and where.” I pause to sip my delicious freshly made macchiato: “Good you should continuously develop your skills.”

“You mean even I could learn it?” the Wizard asks incredulously. I detect a hint of teasing somewhere in his voice.

“Yup you could smart guy,” I answer to match his open mockery. “You’d be great with your maths insights.”

“What do I need to read?” the Wizard’s eyes are popping with interest now.

“Facebook Blueprint,” I reveal. “Google it.”

“Okay,” the Wizard notes it down.

“Don’t bother with the exam,” I tell him from experience. Facebook makes a big scene about exams being properly verified, whilst Google and Twitter and the likes are not so anally retentive about their certifications.

“Could I make a living from this?” the Wizard wants to know as he tucks his notepad away.

“Yes you could,” I tell him coolly.

“Enough to not bake anymore?” the Wizard insists.

“Enough to bake for pleasure,” I wink at him referring back to Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour-work-week.

“You will get fat,” the Wizard throws at me.

“I already am,” I give him a naughty look. “Though I have lost weight. Poof just like that. No diet, no sport.”

“Keep going,” the Wizard enthusiasms. “Fat is not healthy for you.”

“Magic,” I say as I take another few sips from my macchiato.

“Stress,” the Wizard nods.

“Strange,” I ponder. “I haven’t done anything.”

“Kids,” the Wizard reassures me it’s nothing untoward.

“Yes stress and worry,” I smile more relaxed. “And kids.”

“That will do it,” the Wizard gets up on his cloud, ears twitching with impatience. “Have a great day. See you later.” And he leaves blowing kisses from his cloud.

I blow a kiss as I wave after him. Love my coffee breaks.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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