Bakerman’s recipe to tapping into your full potential

I got up at 6am that morning, as I have been doing for the past months now that the Star is away with a bun in the oven. I found that getting up immediately actually works better for me than continuously pressing the snooze button.

My morning routine consists of tending to my ageing skin. Any woman over 40 will notice that her skin is slowly starting to show the signs of time passed. Mine feels like a desert rose. Through a client of mine I have discovered a new range of products, Cime Skincare. Really love it. It’s a brand with a story and ecologically responsible. Father and daughter went for a hike in the Himalaya and discovered plants and local learnings which they turned into beauty products.

And it works. Great marketing! The consumer feels good for sponsoring local produce, as the manufacturers are Belgians, but the origins of the ingredients come straight from the Himalaya, thus sustaining economic growth in that region too. And it’s all green and natural. Hurray!

A ding-dong from my doorbell at this early hour shakes me from my reverie. It’s the Bakerman delivering my daily bread. I love to chatter to him. He’s not very responsive. Like most men, he’s moody.

“Morning! How are you?” I cheer at the Bakerman as he stands there smiling at me rather bashfully.

“Had a nice weekend,” I go on chattering to him as he starts fumbling about in the back of his small delivery van. “Saw my mom when I dropped off my kids for her court ordered Saturday.”

I added a slight tone of sarcasm to that last statement which highlighted my annoyance with the ongoing matter. “At first she pretended not to know Willem’s name. Daft old bat. She is popping in tonight to see kids. Fun fun fun.”

The smell of freshly baked bread wafts over to me from the van. “I practiced my stoma skills when I had to save Wim from a small emergency middle of the night. Did some Reiki on Winston.”

Bakerman turns to me holding two paper bags out to me. I gratefully accept them. They still feel warm in my hands confirming that my Bakerman must have been up since the crack of dawn to make sure there would be fresh bread on the breakfast table for my kiddos. “I’ve received the test video we made last week. Not sure if I like it. I am fat, my face is red and my teeth are awefull.”

I pull a funny face at him as I remember watching the test video with utmost horror. Us women, we always tend to be the most critical about our own appearances. “Don’t understand why they said ‘yes’ for the videos… I need to lose weight fast, make a dental appointment, and get some lip filler. And make sure I have killer slides to present.”

I can see the Bakerman is still too shy to answer to any of my morning chatterings as he lingers by my door eyeing me up carefully. “Right… I’m off to my cross trainer.”

Our secrets, it’s a gift! Don’t you agree? I wouldn’t dream of saying even half of that to my closest friends, yet here I am waffling on to my Bakerman who delivers my daily bread to my door every morning about everything and anything that is going on in my world.

Would you like to know some of my main strategies to design a powerful life as a single mom, remain visible on the professional market but also open to new adventures in life?

I have over the last year published many stories from my daily life bringing together recipes to live better, calibrate and optimize your life to make it fit the world you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

I thought you would be happy to continue discovering my meanderings, or to remember my fundamental learnings and good practices of living the good life.

Looking forward to traveling this road together!

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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