Bread is very important

This morning I waited impatiently for my doorbell to ring. The previous day I had received a short message from the Bakerman asking me if he should look into social media marketing and why.

This subject is right up my alley. Very enthusiastic about the possibilities SMM can bring any business, as well as the wide variety of social platforms. I have been digging deeper into the subject over the past months. Reading blogs and taking course paths and certification exams along the way.

“Morning!” I cheer as I am almost jumping up and down in my own doorway.

“For later, will you Skype me or shall I Skype you, or Mary?” We had settled on talking about social media over Skype, after the Bakerman had finished his rounds of delivering his goodies to the world. And then safe back in the warmth of his own house he would call me with his lovely daughter, Mary.

“And which Skype address?” I hold his gaze as he hands me by bread and buns, still warm in their brown paper bags.

“bakerman.gingerbread2,” the Bakerman replies as he stands there quite still smiling at me for a brief moment.

“I will send a list of all online courses in online marketing. That way Mary can have a look and decide where to start.” I tell him as I reach for my phone. I fumble about for a moment searching for the article that I had in mind, finding it, then copy pasting the URL link to send via text message.

“This article actually lays it out very well, with all relevant links,” I am always super enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with the world. Even greater is my excitement when I can share newly found resources around me.

“Thank you,” Bakerman replies as he slowly heads back over to his van to continue his morning round.

I always believe that life belongs to those who dare to do. It doesn’t matter if you fail, it will teach you something. And at least you tried. Those who never attempt anything will never fail, but they’ve also never really lived. Not by sitting lazily behind their computer awing over the failures of others, whilst sippy sipping their hot cup of tea.

The philosopher in me is awake and has joined the kids at the breakfast table. Life is about feeling, I think as I lay out the bread and the fresh buns for hungry little hands to grab at. First you feel, then you think. You think out your plan in detail, find the pitfalls, work out your best success strategy. Then you dare. You dare to believe in your dreams, that you can make it great. And then, only then, do you do.

No time for ‘what if’ games. ‘What if’ doesn’t exist. Those are just mind games. Don’t second guess yourself. Find someone to team up with. Someone happy and positive. Tell them your dreams and your plans. Let them encourage you and hold you responsible to live up to your ideals. There is a certain romance in thinking together, reading together, daring together.

Be bold.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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