Differentiate your passions into success stories

“Hello sunshine!” I cheer as I open my front door gazing out at the beautiful sun rising on this early morning in spring. I just love springtime. Everything comes back to life again. The days get longer and there is more daylight. The colours look different in this new light. The air is soft with a warm undertone, even on cooler days.

“Talk about big fish,” I continue my happy morning chatter. “Have received two requests for price offers. This time I will not sell myself cheap. This time I will reach all my targets and objectives. I will.”

I am feeling vibrant and determined this morning. A new springtime, a new chance to succeed in life. “How are you? How is your bread baking? How far are you in setting up your new business? How is Mary?”

“That sounds really promising,” Bakerman finally manages to get a word in sideways. “Mary is fine. I see her next week Tuesday. Bread business has a small snag. Need to solve it tomorrow.”

He hands me his parcels and greets me with a wave of his hand. “Teaching now!” he calls after me as he hops back into his van. Never ceases to amaze me how many parallel activities this man has going on. How many parallel universes all warped up into one life. How much meaningful knowledge and how fulfilling a life, pursuing multiple dreams.

When you do the same thing for more than ten years, you can call yourself an expert in that domain. However, doing the same thing for more than ten years is enough to make anyone want to escape the daily grind. For myself, I have found that I can find some relief from the daily hassle in allowing myself to pursue various passions. Yoga brings me many benefits, also in the form of relief. Meditation and reiki allow me to embark on short spiritual journeys. To each their own, I guess.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.



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