Why social media matters so much

Back in January, I discussed my new focus on social media marketing with Walter Mitty, my Bakerman. I applied my new knowledge to Facebook pages I manage and noticed, for instance, how the right use of little hashtags can increase my organic reach.

“Wow just got 2 more leads for social media marketing,” I brainstorm my current activities with him. “This is really booming business.”

“Yes. Go for it,” Bakerman says, eliminating any sense of hesitation within me. “It’s more interesting than analytics.”

“It sure is more interesting,” I sum up the results. “There is conversation and interaction. People care a lot about their social, strangely enough.”

I love my job. It consists of promoting products, driving more traffic, or selling on Facebook (for my business and for my clients). It is a continuously evolving market and things are getting harder.

There are two ways to approach social media marketing. The first is to build up your organic tribe with relevant content. After that you can further grow your following with strategic marketing.

Like I said, social media is an ever evolving market. Change is always coming. So don’t worry. If you read up on these things regularly, you will be ready to make it through confusing times.

Enjoy your day!



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