What are you waiting for?

Sometimes I get these moments when I look back on a given period in time. I have been having such a moment lately. It got me thinking about what crazy times we live in.

“Hi! How are you guys?” I ask Bakerman over Skype. “Spring soon? Getting scared about my aupair coming. Pfff BNP doesnt want to increase my day rate.”

It has never been easy to sell a product or a service over the internet. There is no real platform where you can just ‘buy’ new and lucrative client projects.

Crazy. Insane.

I have been talking about missed opportunities for too long now with Bakerman. I wonder why I am being so stubborn and focusing on what doesn’t work. I need a personal coach to show me where my best chances lie.

Why? Because I simply don’t know how to. I don’t know the techniques about creating a business out of nothing.

I am not the only one. I hear other entrepreneurs complaining about how to create a successful business. And then I also see other peers making it flawlessly to the top. I want to get there too. But I am going to need help.




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I’m a strong, independant, working single mum and I enjoy making my way around the world with my 3 wonderful children. I live in Belgium and am originally from England. I work in online marketing, digital analytics and conversion optimization for financial institutions and many prestigious global companies as well as remote consulting to start-ups.

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