Excuses, always excuses

When you continuously make excuses for everything that happens in your life, you are not being honest with anybody, mostly not with yourself.

“Good morning, good Sunday,” I wave at the Doctor down my webcam. “How are you? I’ve read some interesting things in that book Psychology of Influence & Persuasion. It’s the part about consistency and commitment. Consistency first reminded me how both me and my mom continue to treat each other badly because our entourage keeps reminding us that we should. But the I felt rather chilly when I read that my relationship with Wim is a text book example. Consistency is not always in our best interest. In the book, Sarah was with Tim, Tim drank a lot and wouldn’t marry Sarah, so Sarah left him and found a new boyfriend who asked her to marry him, they had already sent out marriage invitations when Tim comes back saying he’ll stop drinking and wants to marry Sarah, so Sarah leaves her new boyfriend and goes back to Tim, Tim continues drinking and still doesn’t marry Sarah, Sarah however is more happy and more devoted than ever before to Tim. No happily ever after. That’s my story with Wim and Marc. Funny, Wim even rhymes with Tim. Also society requires consistency and reciprocity. I can’t leave Wim now because he has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. However maybe I would be right to say we are quit and even when he gets through this. He stood by me during my pregnancy and giving birth to Willem. I stood by him during his operation and chemotherapy. I don’t know. This sucks. Google is still talking to me but nothing is moving either way.”

I pause for a minute as I notice now that I am out of my ramble that the doctor is pottering around with something which looks complicated and electronic. “What are you going to kill dead if no success by May? Have you made a success? How can you judge?” I ask him as I peer through the webcam trying to get a better picture of what he is doing.

“Hi Fiona,” the Doctor looks up at me distractedly. “I will reply soon,” he waves at me and that was the end of that conversation. He obviously had more interesting stuff to tinker with than to listen to my mental garbage rambling on and on.

Excuses may seem like rational reasons not to do anything about your life. But if you’re not careful you will let these excuses hold you back from reaching your goals. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your choices, no more excuses.

Best wishes,



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