Not crazy

Sometimes I just need some time out to refocus and gather myself before starting out again.

“New client for May, check!” I chirp happily to my Doctor friend. “Wim agrees to moving house. Yeay! Still talking to Google. How is your bread?”

“Nice to hear you are getting along,” the Doctor smiles back at me through the webcam. “Bread is back to the beginning again. Starting an English lessons school.”

I’ll admit I feel a little crazy from time to time. Periods of high stress can make me feel like I’m losing it. As if the ground is crumbling beneath my feet and I am desperately trying to keep my head above the water. This feeling also hits me when I find myself surrounded by people whose values are very different from my own. Change and moving into a new life situation are other events that can cause me to feel off kilter. Circumstances like these recur all the time in everyone’s life. So it’s natural that these events will affect your mental stability. The symptoms I have learned to look out for range from being increasingly absent minded, like having no recollection of putting my car keys where I eventually find them. To wondering if I am understanding a situation clearly when everyone else seems to be in denial of what’s going on right in front of their eyes. I guess, the key to survival at times like these is to step back, take a deep breath, and regain composure. Taking a break allows me enough space to decide what course of action to take.




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