A little something for you, just because

As my blog is growing and my audience is building, I just wanted to inform you all on the outcome of my previous blog post.

“The house was too small,” I am in a hurry as I make a quick Skype call to my Doctor friend. “And my mother isn’t a bitch, it’s the anxiety which is. Interesting.”

“Keep looking,” the Doctor encourages me. “What do you mean? Anxiety? Are you beginning to see mother as a person with issues like everyone else or is she still on a pedestal?”

I hope you’re loving my blog as much as I am loving having you read me. I just want to say: have a happy hot August. And remember that I am always available if you have any comments about my blog.

Why? Why not? Andy day is a good day to say hello.



PS loving all my blog’s number one fans


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