Does this resonate with you?

We all face failure in our lives. We ask ourselves questions over and over again. What could I have done differently. Where did my failure originate? This is common.

“Check out river,” my Doctor friend tells me excitedly during our next call.

I immediately look it up wondering which magical inspiration would await me.

“Another boring tool,” I reply as I read the page about software which helps you identify keywords for your online marketing initiatives.

Right now I need to shift my focus and explore my consciousness. I need to figure out how I am different. Most of all, I realize now, I need to create greater connection to my field of work through partnerships.

With quiet peaceful love,




  1. Definitely resonates! Just recently went through six months of chaos and I relived every mistake I’ve ever made. I got to the point where I voluntarily went into group therapy. I’m trying to make some changes that will alleviate my stress and anxiety, e.g. new job, new friends, other life changes, including understanding myself and my flaws more.


    1. Wow, you’ve come quite from far! And congratulations for embracing your darkness, your rage ànd your grief. Change is good. It brings you to evolution in your life.

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