A sneak peak at where I should begin

If you haven’t been following my blog for a long time yet, you’re probably thinking “What will I get from hearing somebody else struggle through their disappointments and pain?” The answer: truth.

“You miss the point,” my Doctor friend continues. “They are selling tools. Why are you not doing something like that?”

“I would have to make a tool,” I tell him reluctantly. “And have an idea about a tool. Or just sell somebody else’s tool.”

“Either way there is a market,” the Doctor encourages me.

“Yes either way,” I shrug clearly indicating I have given up hope ever achieving anything again within my professional career and my business. “I love hockey.”

When I talk with my BFF, the Doctor, there are always two types of stories present in the room; the spoken and the unspoken. The first manifests in dialogue and what we can hear, see and feel. The second is what is unspoken — private personal dialogues, hidden assumptions and covert motivations. In fact, you will find this interaction within any close relationship; be it with your partner, your best friend or your mother.

By listening to my conversations with the Doctor, you might quickly realize you are standing in front of a mirror. The people you’re listening to, ie the Doctor and myself, are going to give you the words and the language for the conversations you want to have.

Keep an eye out the insignificant details in our exchanges.



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