Taking on the summer heat

I kiss my children gently on their sun-glowing foreheads. The Doctor is calling me on Skype so I retreat to the study to enjoy a private conversation.

“You must do what’s best for you and your family,” the Doctor tells me in regards to our conversation from yesterday.

“I need to get away from David,” I conclude. “I have had more than enough.”

“I think you need to stand up to this fool,” the Doctor redirects my thoughts. I had already concluded yesterday that running away is not the answer. “Trouble is you both think you are doing the right thing.”

“But I do all the time. It is tiring,” I whine. “And when the kids are around I don’t like making a fuss. I received your money. From Aarschot. I sent 700 euro to your friend. Had to pay 1,99 Euro transaction fee for transfers outside EU. I didn’t add a message. Should I have?”

“No its ok thanks,” the Doctor smiles pleased at this news.

I send him a screenshot of the transaction hoping he will pick up on the transaction costs.

“Thank you,” the Doctor acknowledges. “I owe you 1,99.”

“Yeah buy me coffee,” I wink at him. Then I stomp off: “Hate David. Hate him.”

How do I manage to keep my cool in the heat of the argument? Meditation usually helps. However, meditation isn’t helping me to stand up to this fool. Another tactic will be needed.




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