Mastermind or mentalist?

It has dawned on me recently that I need to get out to events and network again if I want to get ahead of my game again. Having an au-pair in the house is my ticket to jumpstart my business back into growth gear.

“Good day,” I smile at the Doctor through the webcam. “How was your weekend?”

“It was slow,” the Doctor answers with a big yawn. “Spent Sunday in bed sick. How was your weekend? Were you naughty?”

“Oh dear, what’s up?” I ask him alarmed trying to ignore the wicked twinkle in his eyes. “Had a nice quiet weekend with Wim, friends and little Willem. Didn’t do much. Just nice food and walking. I lost 3kg so far. How good is that?”

“Stomach bug,” the Doctor rubs his head which strikes me as odd in combination with this statement.

“Yuk, stomach bugs are horrible,” I curl up my nose and stick my tongue out at him. There, teasing him back feels fun. “Feeling better yet?”

“Fantastic,” the Doctor winks at me. “That’s great. Yes. It has passed.”

“Need to educate my au-pair on healthy food choices,” I ponder a few thoughts that drift through my mind. “Some love handles less.”

“Yes,” the Doctor says eyeing me cautiously through his screen. “Has your au-pair settled in now?”

“I hope so,” I sigh. “Still need to find her some friends. Her eating is very British. Meaning it is rubbish.”

“Introduce her to Rebecca,” the Doctor suggests.

“I did,” I retort. “Becca has exams right now though.”

“Indeed,” the Doctor nods as if he knows everything that goes on everywhere.

“Hope she does well,” I still think fondly of Rebecca.

“How old is your au-pair?” the Doctor asks me.

“19 going on 20,” I answer shortly.

“Nice and fresh,” the Doctor smiles broadly. “You can teach her.”

“I am doing my best,” I nod. “Hard though.”

“Although your cooking skills suck a bit,” the Doctor teases me.

“She left her chicken and mozzarella sandwich almost untouched,” I tell him what I had noticed. “But went home and she had a choco sandwich. Really. I cook pretty well with my menu box. But I am not a pro cook like your other friends.”

Now that was an arrow well aimed, for the Doctor ended our conversation shortly hereafter. And I’ll admit, it was petty of me. An empowered woman stands in her own right. No need to have a dig at others.





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