This expert wants to help you

You may be asking yourself why I am continuously sharing my daily business with you. It is simple. I want to be successful. And in the meantime I want to share with all of you how I am going to get there. I don’t want you to miss out on this, how I am building a better life for myself with all the information I can find on ‘the Secret’. You see, I think there is a lot of truth in all the books and webinars out there. I only believe it has been wrongly interpreted, oversimplified for the masses and incorrectly applied.

You’ll hear from a mixture of experiences going on in all areas of my life. Plus you get the chance to get your questions answered. Don’t miss out.

“Hello,” I wave at the Doctor through the webcam. “Good day to you, Mentalist.”

“Good day to you angle,” the Doctor teases me back with an old nightmare. “How are you?”

“Angle haha, you remember that one huh,” I laugh back good-heartedly. “Good, I have lost 3,5kg so far. And still fat so I must have been obese. How is your tummy bug? Has it cleared now?”

“Yes I am fine,” the Doctor nods. “Planning production and my car is in for repair.”

“Ok,” I smile as I take a deep breath. “Was wondering. You know the money you sent and I sent you back? Is it symbolic for money coming in and money going out? It’s kind of a minus-minus operation and I pay for coffee. Like me and my business. So many costs and taxes and everything. I am continuously hustling and struggling.”

“No it has nothing to do with anything,” the Doctor tries to steer me clear from superstition and seeing connections where there aren’t any. “I needed that money for my business. That’s it. The idea of invoicing and sending money to pay for software code is not going to happen.”

“Pity,” I sigh as that was what I was secretly hoping for.

“It is,” the Doctor confirms that it is going to require directed thought and dedicated action to become successful.

“Yes,” I smile at this realisation.

“What about whisper marketing?” the Doctor asks me about his next best idea.

“I like that idea,” I smile at him meekly. “Can you help me get started? Like an idea I could work on.”

“Yes,” the Doctor nods again. “First write down a script of what you want to tell your prospective clients about your service, how long you have been doing it, what the results could be and any other benefits you can think of. Send that to me so I can edit or ask questions. Then we go to the next step.”

“Okay,” I smile back at him.

So it is back to the drawing board for me. I have an idea and a concept that could actually work. The only problem is that, just like most human beings on this planet, if I don’t have a plan and decide to action it immediately, I will just end up procrastinating. This beautiful idea will sit on my shelf until I become bored and old. And I will regret more not having taken these opportunities when they presented themselves to me, more than if I tried and didn’t succeed. Because all failure is a source of insights and learning.

Don’t miss out on the life you could have.




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