The keys to success and vitality

Ever wondered what exactly might be keeping you back from success? What if it were simple things that are within your grasp to change?

“Hi there,” I beam warm heartedly at the Doctor through the webcam. “How are you?”

“Good and you?” the Doctor answers my greeting.

“I am not depressed,” I tell him of my latest thought conclusion. “I have a nice life. And I love Wim. And I like things just the way they are. Thought I should tell you that.”

“Ok,” the Doctor smiles waiting for what will come next.

“Boring huh?” I smile at the fact that there is nothing to complain about for once. “There is a Google event tomorrow.”

“I am happy when you are happy,” the Doctor encourages me.

“Do you think I should go?” my hesitation is showing. “Might be good for networking.”

“Is there any sex or food involved?” the Doctor asks cautiously but with a malicious twinkle in his eye.

“Sex no but food yes,” I answer pondering over his strange question back.

“Definitely go in that case,” is the Doctor’s straight advice.

“It’s free,” I go on telling him. “Will only cost me a half day off work. My boss hasn’t approved yet. He can be quite difficult.”

“Tell him it’s to his advantage as you might learn more stuff he can use,” the Doctor coaches me.

“Yeah I’ll send him that in a text message in just a bit,” I smile already loving the idea of argumentation. “Love life with my au-pair. Reduces my stress. More quality with the kids. Love homeworking too. Also less stress and more quality. Now if only I could add in more money and things would be the max.”

“Are you convinced yet?” the Doctor raises an eyebrow at me.

“Convinced of what?” I ask in astonishment. “I have been looking into extra courses.”

“Life is good to you when you are good to it,” the Doctor explains.

“Also considering the fees,” I tell him fumbling with my fingers. “Very true. Am really starting to see that. Being good to life… How do you do that?”

“Carpet diem,” the Doctor answers nonchalantly whilst taking a sip of his tea and coughing at the same time.

“Carpet,” I laugh, happy to be able to tease my know-it-all Doctor for once. “Be a daily doormat!”

Carpe Diem,” the Doctor repeats a little annoyed that I caught him in a small hick-up. And it’s those small blunders which make him most likeable. We don’t tend to like the perfect people. Those who get it all right all the time. But the smart people, who tend to be clumsy just like the rest of us… Yes, we can relate to that.

“Wish I could be good to everyone,” I think out loud knowing that I am terribly flawed. “I am off to hockey now. Last training session. Have also taken up jogging with the big kids. Lots of fun. How is the beach on your side of the world?”

“Mmmmm,” the Doctor thinks as he takes another sip of his tea. “To be good to life is to give back or pay it forward. Give charity. Great. Water is warm and clear.”

“Beautiful,” I cheer. “Enjoy!”

“Have fun playing or watching hockey,” the Doctor teases me as I am just about to leave.

“I am playing hockey!” I retort rather proudly.

“That’s fantastic,” the Doctor leans in a little closer to the webcam. “Do you hit your opponents with your hockey stick?”

“No,” I answer dismayed.

“Who’s head does the ball represent?” the Doctor wants to know.

“Never thought of it that way,” I throw the Doctor a quizzical look. “Graham. Definitely.”

“Not David?” the Doctor tries me again.

“No,” I am outraged.

“Still in love with him I see,” the Doctor knows where to tickle me.

“Kids’ father,” I correct him. “Just like Marc. And Wim.”

“Yes I know just kidding,” the Doctor waves me off.

“I know you’re not,” I set him straight.

“Could be my head you want to hit,” the Doctor winks at me.

“No. Silly,” I still have my eyebrows rather crossed. “Just Graham.”

“No feelings of violence within you today?” the Doctor finally comes to the point.

“Not much no,” I confirm.

“Graham is dead,” the Doctor weaves in his words of wisdom. “Let it go.”

“He has ruined so many lives,” I explain where my feelings of injustice come from. “So much hurt.”

“Let it go,” the Doctor repeats again.

“Yes,” I nod knowing he is right in essence.

“Enjoy hockey,” the Doctor blows me a kiss through the webcam. “See you later.”

You see, the secret message hidden within this conversation is letting go of negative feelings. Feeling angry, hatred or seeking revenge are all emotions which hold you back in the past and stop you from progressing into a better version of yourself. The life you dream of. Where the sun is shining and success smiles you straight in the face. That life is one where you can relax. Let go of these negative feelings.

Just like chosing which are the right foods to eat so that your body feels energized and healthy, so also should you detox from negativity. And believe it or not, it is just as easy as being mindful of what you eat. Be mindful of how you think. Let it go.

Wishing you all energy, vitality and serenity!




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