How to get what you want

Things not going so well in your life? Shit happens, so the t-shirt says. Losses happen. Slumps happen. Fear creeps in. We get tired. Bored. Angry. Disheartened. Discouraged. Disempowered. Old. Older.

“I think my new big boss is flirting with me,” I say in pure astonishment to the Doctor. “Is that okay? Should I just flirt back?”

“Who are you talking about?” the Doctor asks me blankly. “I don’t know if you should flirt back with your new boss. He should not be flirting with you to start with. If you have an affair with him you will get fired sooner or later.”

“Okay I know that,” I wink back at the Doctor, relieved that he is still as defensive about my reputation as ever. “I replied cool. So cool Raoul.”

“Good,” the Doctor nods and smiles. “Still keep him on a loose string.”

“Yes,” I smile back.

You see, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thinking is your best strategy here. Now I know all too well that self-pity and feeling powerless and helpless, yes that’s a pretty strong pull. I want to go there sometimes. But I don’t.

There is something much stronger than self-pity and that is manifestation. We all have the power to create the life and the better version of ourself as we want. Despite the feeling of wanting to get lost in grief and despair. Despite the outside world wanting to drag us down.

But I won’t let them. Will you ?

Now I know this can be hard. And it’s easy to give in to the negative. So start small. Think of something lovely you can add to your day today, no matter how hard it has been. And continue building up from there.

You can do it. You can get there. The magic is in the flirt. It lights you up. And important to add, that’s also where the magic ends. So don’t go giving yourself up too easily. That’s not what Queens do.




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