I am ready to thrive

Found myself pondering what the Mentalist had softly thrown my way in our previous conversation. Curiosity killed the cat so I decided to just pick up my phone and ask him.

“Hello, how are you?” I ask quickly as soon as the Mentalist answers my call. “How do you play to win? What is your secret to success?”

“Good question,” the Mentalist stalls to buy time. “Surround yourself with winners and copy them.”

“Like who?” I ask, my mind racing as I try to come up with powerful individuals in my surroundings. “And most businesses are too different to copy. Or the successful ones have a bunch of employees.”

“Try copying their attitude,” the Mentalist advises.

“Ah right,” I nod as this is starting to make sense. Now off to find these highly successful people.

Last year, I took a course about Creating Financial Freedom. Before this course, I had read the bogus book “The Secret” and since then I have read Kevin Hogan. From there on I watched the Six Minutes to Success on Youtube. And finally reading the original work by Napoleon Hill on Think and Grow Rich.

Anyways, that course at the Chopra Centre was one of my favourite programs because it produced a few amazingly beautiful and empowering changes in my life.

Best of all, I think I’d love to do it again…

Best wishes,




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