Creating a soulful living

“Hello there,” I smile as I answer the phone to hear my favourite voice.

“Hi there young lady,” the Mentalist chimes back at me that morning.

“How are you?” I ask him politely. “Are you surviving the heat?”

“Struggling with it,” the Mentalist puffs back. “It’s very hot in my kitchen. Yes if you would spend 200 euro and buy me an air conditioner. Wish you would.”

“Can’t you open a window?” I think of alternatives before digging my hand into leather. “Get a fan? Haha like really? This should go in your business plan. I am watching some videos on start-ups and entrepreneurship. Think I need it. The au-pair is… well I asked her to give me tickets each time she goes shopping. She stopped bringing back tickets and spent lots of money. So I told her I want the tickets. Now I see on the card she went shopping without telling me and no bloody ticket. This is a bummer for trust.”

“I have a fan,” the Mentalist retorts in frustration. “Is it interesting the videos on startups? You are foolish giving a girl your card who’s only way to cope with being homesick is to go shopping as therapy. Take the card away from her and give her a list and cash. Really Fiona?”

“It works with Heleen,” I answer defensively. “It’s a prepaid card. The card where lots of money went missing is the maaltijdcheque card. 175 euros in 3 days. And I found out on day 5 when I went grocery shopping. Yup I learn the hard way. No cards for the au-pair. Wim is upset about my blogging.”

“Why?” the Mentalist prods further on my last statement.

“So the fan isn’t enough?” I try to evade the question for a moment.

“No,” the Mentalist won’t give in.

“He says some things are to be discussed just the two of us and not for a billion internet users,” I sulk. “Does that make me cold and un-empathetic?”

“That’s true,” the Mentalist confirms. “You can’t tell the world everything that’s on your mind.”

“The videos are indeed interesting,” I acquiesce. “Hmmm yes.”

“What is the content?” the Mentalist wants to know everything about everything.

“That startups don’t work like large corporations,” I try to summarize what I remember from the very boring videos.

“Who would have thought?” the Mentalist answers in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“Need to get out there to network and understand customer needs,” I add on extra information I remember from the video courses doing my best to defend what now seems like a huge waste of time.

“Did you pay for this info?” the Mentalist is getting madder by the minute.

“Yes but in terms of procedures and structure,” I go on defending in which ways startups differ from large corporations. “Nope it is a free course. I am going to enroll in digital psychology.”

“Ah good,” the Mentalist sighs relieved that there is still a good plan on my list. “You could just go back and read my blog for the same thing.”

“Going to see 2 houses tonight,” I inform him all excited.

“Buy me an air con first,” the Mentalist snaps. I have rarely known him in such a bad mood, so he must be really upset about something. Maybe working in the heat is something not good for his humour.

“I do that too,” I let him know I am a faithful reader of all his blog posts. “Before the houses? How much is it?”

“Yes buy it now before I melt,” the Mentalist puffs. I can just imagine him all red and sweaty. “200 euro installed.”

“Where shall I buy it from?” I pose my next question.

“Well you send 200 to Peter via PayPal and he sends it to me and I buy it and have it installed,” the Mentalist explains. “Then I pay you back. But in six months.”

“Really?” I ask in total surprise. What a plan.

“Maybe,” the Mentalist gives me a dodgy answer.

“Why doesn’t Debbie buy it for you?” I point out the unfairness here.

“If you are good,” the Mentalist teases me. “She earns a month 300 euro and has to wait six weeks to get paid.”

“I will see if I can transfer it,” I answer still in doubt of this transaction. “My PayPal account is being enquired due to my transactions. I told them it’s all AirBnB and they can see that so I don’t understand why. I need to prove my address and haven’t done that yet. Anyways I’ll give it a try.”

“Thanks I owe you,” the Mentalist totally ignores my mishaps with my PayPal account.

“Mmmm strangely so,” I confirm expressing my doubts.

“Indeed,” the Mentalist picks up on my mood but doesn’t address it head on.

“What’s Peter’s email again?” I ask him as I check my PayPal account again.

“I will have to look it up,” the Mentalist answers. “Hang on a sec. It’s

“Ok will do it in a min,” I promise. “Working on something urgent right now.”

“Ok thanks,” the Mentalist sighs impatiently.

I finish off setting up another AB test as I ponder over our conversation. I am in a good mood as I have achieved what I wanted to do this morning for my Conversion Optimisation track. My good mood influences my decision to grant my doctor friend his request for an airco. After sending the money via PayPal I take a screenshot and send it to him.

“Plus 1,99 transaction fee,” I tell him over the phone. “So now I am an investor?”

“Yes it would seem so,” the Mentalist sounds in a much better mood now. “Thank you very much. I am touched. Really thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” I answer happily. I am happy to have achieved this morning, and happy for being a generous and good person to my friends.

Later that evening I am jumping up and down as I wait for my doctor friend to answer the phone. as soon as he does, I blubber straight out : “Just bought the house!”

“Wow which one?” the Mentalist asks me.

“By the lake,” I answer proudly. This is the best area in the small town where we live. “3 mins from school. No pool. 6 bedrooms.”

“What a find,” the Mentalist whistles.

“400 square meters,” I beam. “Yup.”

“Maybe Wim will come live there with you soon?” the Mentalist attempts to burst my bubble.

“Maybe,” I answer dubiously. How does he do that?

“Big kitchen?” the Mentalist now picks up on the good stuff. “Does it need renovation?”

“Paint and new bathrooms but not that urgent,” I am happy to note.

“Have you sold your house yet?” the Mentalist points out another block on my path.

“Nooooo,” I blow off steam. “Need to get moving on that…”

“Better get moving before you get desperate to sell and agents force your selling price down, which they are famous for,” the Mentalist informs me.

“Ooops yeah,” I realise there is a long way ahead to complete this entire project.

“Use your camera and take wide angle shots of it and post it yourself with a nice story on ImmoWeb,” the Mentalist advises me. “Don’t do show days. Show by appointment only.”

“Okay,” I take it all in. “Okay I want to make this work. It is an opportunity to better myself. I will not let this turn out into another fiasco. So work needs to be done and new business needs to be found. I will sell this house at a good price. No more magical thinking. Just downright hard work.”

I send my doctor friend a picture of the new house and wait for his reaction.


“Is that your new house?” he asks as soon as I hear the ping on his phone. “Congrats it’s fantastic. Yes more excuses. No looking for answers in tarot and other bullshit stuff. Just realistic thoughts and decisions made using clear and concise information and you will win. You are on your way.”

“Haha just did my tarot,” I laugh. “Did you order your airco?”

“Not yet,” the Mentalist answers nonchalantly. “It takes days to get the money here. But I will. What did your tarot say?”

“That I had hit rock bottom but now the start of a prosperous new journey,” I am happy to tell him a good story. “My mentor has shown me to find my own way and use my skills.”

“Cool,” the Mentalist answers with interest. “Who’s your mentor?”

“I have been worried about my son and this has driven me to this decision,” I go on explaining my tarot cards.

“Good,” the Mentalist encourages me.

“Sometimes you, but mainly Wim,” I answer in regards to who I consider to be my main dispenser of good advise.

“Ok,” the Mentalist confirms my thoughts. “It’s the right thing to do. Action makes success not tarot.”

“I know,” I smile.

“So now you need to behave successful and it will happen,” the Mentalist makes it sound so easy.

“Yes self doubt came up too,” I think back to the cards that came up.

“Sure it always does until you fully believe in your ability,” the Mentalist coaches me. “Change is hard.”

“And being spontaneous,” I tell him as I go over my cards again in my mind’s eye.

“Be careful with spontaneity,” the Mentalist warns me. “You need good info to become successful. You need discipline and use of time better. Read and learn all the time. Don’t be afraid. Just do.”

“I will,” I smile and with full confidence in my chosen path I put the phone down.

All this commotion, all this change reminds me it has been some time since I last got onto my yoga mat. Or just sat quietly in lotus pose for meditation. Now is a good moment to recenter myself and focus on my abundance flow. Don’t want to fall off this wave.





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