What’s in an acorn?

“The offer on the house hasn’t been accepted yet,” I despair over the phone to my doctor friend. “Think the immo agent can’t get hold of the owner who lives in Italy. The house isn’t online anymore though. Fingers crossed seems so… magical thinking, no?”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist confirms my concerns. “I am praying for you.”

“Thank you,” I smile meekly. “Apparently Christine, who does my nails, used to rent that house years ago.”

“I am excited to come and visit for tea,” the Mentalist adds optimistically.

“It would be ideal for all of my kids in lots of ways,” I go on daydreaming.

“She will know the problems if any,” the Mentalist prods me to investigate.

“She said it is a great house,” I reassure his questions. “Lots of bathrooms.”

“Plant fruit trees,” the Mentalist suggests.

“Yes boring garden,” I observe. “Needs plants and flowers. I am ready to sell my house. Started clearing up and out yesterday. Made a list of list of little things to fix. Heleen is taking photos on Thursday.”

“Good,” the Mentalist confirms again.

“Wim and I wrote a text description last night,” I go on telling him what I have been up to. “Will already post it with the pictures of the AirBnB. Will add Heleen’s pictures on later. Anything I am missing? We are going to sell ourselves, no agency.”

“No just a delightful story to make people interested,” the Mentalist adds. “That’s good.”

“Is a story the same as a description?” I want to know.

“Yes. Make it flowery,” the Mentalist smiles. “Flowery.”

“We did,” I enthusiasm. “Wim is too much to the point.”

“Ok let’s see what comes,” the Mentalist says in his usual utter calmness.

“I told him he needs to seduce the readers,” I say coquetishly. “The pictures I have are already good.”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist observes.

“And I know Heleen will make other great pics,” I go on a little too confident.

“Be patient with this it may take some time,” the Mentalist warns me.

“I hope not,” I exclaim alarmed. “How long would you predict?”

“Gotta run,” the Mentalist calls as I hear him blowing me a kiss. “3 months.”

“Gut feeling?” I insist on knowing.

“No typical,” the Mentalist answers in a hurry.

“Ok,” I sigh.

So my words of wisdom would be this : dreams are like acorns. Plant them well, tend them carefully and they will grow to be as mighty as the oak. For an acorn to germinate, it must first burst forth from the husk. And once it has burst free, a thousand forests can be born from that one, small acorn.

Inspiration for the day: we have everything we need to lead extraordinary lives. To break away from fate, all we need to do is change the way we think.



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