What to do when you don’t get it

“Hi there,” I say in a tone that conveys how worried I am. “The house is back online and it says “in option” so I think they are trying to get a higher bid. I put my house on ImmoWeb and got an immediate reaction. Only 1 so far though.”

“I see,” the Mentalist answers in his usual reassuring voice. “I hope they don’t try to push you up in price by starting a biding price. Keep looking for another one you like. Give this one a dead line and withdraw your offer if not accepted by the deadline and walk away. They might just stop being greedy and sign. If not you find another nice house. Put your ego away or pay a high price.

“Okay,” I conclude deciding there and then it might be time to look at a few other houses.

When you become aware that you are not going to get what you set out for, remember that everyone must find their own way.

One of my greatest challenges is to understand the true nature of reality. When at first I don’t get what I set my heart on I experience a moment of feeling powerless. It can be frustrating and painful. It is easy to feel helpless. However, this is the moment when I pick myself up and do my utmost best to engage in positive thinking. To conjure up a delightful manifestation. To set out to observe and witness the abundance in my life, along my path. The more abundance I see and acknowledge, the better things turn out for me. Like attracts like. The energy flows where your focus goes. Remember that.




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