The strategy you should be adopting

My life is spinning with change and lots of new beginnings. This is what I have got for you so far…

“We got the house at the price we offered,” I cheer on the phone to my BFF. “Now next hurdle: sell this house asap at a good price. How are things your end?”

“Difficult. But I keep trying,” the Mentalist answers mysteriously. “Congrats. I guess it’s a done deal now.”

“Almost just the paperwork and paying the deposit next week,” I am proud to announce.

“That’s fast,” the Mentalist has a cheeky tone to his voice today. “I bet you wet your panties with excitement.”

“Haha,” I laugh out loud as I vividly remember the excitement of hearing the good news from the real estate agent. “Was out walking with Wim. Had just given up on the house, like you said, didn’t want to raise our offer. So had sent an inquiry mail for another house. And 15 mins later got a phone call that our offer had been accepted. The power of letting go illustrated. Hope things go as smoothly for selling this house. Got a couple coming to visit the house on Saturday. But that’s all.”

“Good start,” the Mentalist concedes carefully.

“Yes it is,” I nod already making plans for success. “Am already tidying up and fixing little things here and there. I feel good about the new place. Ideal location for my children and no pool. I want to enroll in that digital psychology course. Keep putting it off. Procrastination”

Fear of commitment?” the Mentalist suggests.

“Fear of failure,” I tell him reluctantly. “Fear it’s a waste of money.”

With all the free resources available on the internet today, and so many offerings for e-learning, it is highly important for all of us to be passionate about what we do and to continuously be working on bettering ourselves. There is a tsunami that’s coming to wipe out thousands of e-marketeers if they don’t keep abreast of the latest developments. Today’s the best time as ever to learn which strategies you should be adopting.

The era of being dispassionate and lazy is over. In the world of remote working and passive income dreams, more and more tasks require a bit of passion and mastery skills. What’s your unique value? Which dreams are you procrastinating on?




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