Is there such a thing as ‘too much’?

When it comes to working on yourself, improving your life overall flow and your prosperity, there’s no such thing as too much!

“Hello,” I smile as I pick up the phone that lunch time. “I have lost 5,5kg now and counting. Have also finally enrolled in the digital psychology course. Keeping focus on my top ten goals.”

“Good,” the Mentalist answers in an encouraging tone. “Well done.”

“Haha,” I laugh out loud proud to hear my achievements acknowledged. “Thanks. My PayPal account is blocked by the way. Who is Peter Pavel, or who is the guy I sent money to? Surely not Petr Pavel the chairman at NATO? Now that would be a scoop.”

“I have to leave you to assume I am afraid,” the Mentalist teases me as I listen intrigued whilst sipping my Starbucks coffee. “You understand. Why is PayPal blocked? Were you naughty?”

“What???” I exclaim almost choking on my hot latte. “No I don’t understand. I think you should be clear. They want more info on who I am all of a sudden but reject most proof I provide them.”

“What happened to tour PayPal account?” the Mentalist enquires rather alarmed. “Paul is a manager of a rice farm, not head of NATO, silly girl.”

“I thought his name was Peter,” I answer, my unease growing by the minute.

“Write to Elon and tell him to tell his children to behave,” the Mentalist retorts. “Tell him I said so.”

“You said Peter, now it’s Paul,” I hear my voice is getting louder and alarm bells are going off in the back of my head. What have I done? “Elon Musk?”

“It is but we call him Paul,” the Mentalist answers very matter of factly. “Old joke.”

“What did his children do?” I want to know about Elon Musk now. Can’t get rid of an old nursery rhyme now. “Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall…”

“Blocked your PayPal account,” the Mentalist replies in regards to Elon Musk.

“Aaah,” I let out a deep sigh and decide to give up. The Mentalist seems to know a little of everyone everywhere. Preferably people in high places.

“Yes,” the Mentalist answers with an urgency in his voice which conveys he has some other urgent appointment to tend to.

“What does Peter Paul farm? Heroine?” I ask rather annoyed and still coughing from choking on my coffee. “Elon Musk is South African. Maybe my au-pair knows him. Hahaha.”

“Peter farms rice,” the Mentalist corrects my wild thoughts. “Elon went to the same school but he was older. Nice guy. Nerdy in school.”

If you’re ready to create more connections and have more energy in your life, I encourage you to join new classes and reach out to people in an authentic way. Remember, the people you surround yourself with have an important impact on all aspects of your life. Choose them wisely. It is a lot of fun!

Best Wishes


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