My great house

Imagine what a different world you would live in, if you bought my house.

“Hi,” I smile as I answer the phone. “How are you? I am panicking that the house won’t sell. Like seriously. Zero interest.”

“Patience is normally longer then 12 hours,” the Mentalist answers with a tease.

“It has been more than 12 hours,” I sigh. “Poopie.”

“Three months before you find a buyer,” the Mentalist informs me of the usual practise, and come to think of it, he is right. Though this isn’t comforting. “Is it a good investment? If someone buys it can they make money on it in a few years? Can they just move in, no repairs?”

“Yes. Well the electricity plugs need to be made conform but that s all,” I tell him enthusiastically at this idea. “The house is super duper.”

“Ok now remove your emotions and look at it again,” the Mentalist coaches me. “You are the buyer.”

“It is old, beautiful and charming,” I start out thinking fondly of my current home. “It is particular. You have to like the style. It isn’t practical or conventional. It’s different. It’s a bit dark. The garden is a mess. The pool is nice.”

“Well then I suggest you get busy,” the Mentalist encourages me to make changes where necessary. “What colour are the walls?”

“The garden is difficult,” I sigh again. “The walls are white.”

“Hire a gardening service to clean it up,” the Mentalist thinks pragmatic. “It’s a nice house. Rewrite your story through the eyes of an investor who will enjoy the house because its different and cosy yet will increase in value over the years and is a good investment for a young family looking for extra space to grow into.”

Now admitted that my opening line is a bit… strange. But somewhere out there is the future owner of the house I am currently selling. How to reach that person?

With the upcoming move and trying to sell my house, and everything else taking place in my life, it is easy to overlook the fact that I am part of something greater than myself – the Universe, a greater cause. Because I often forget this, I find that some of the decisions in my life don’t reflect the responsibility that comes with it. Again admitted I focus just on the short-term, tangible gain for me without worrying about its consequences. And yes, I have caught myself discarding the consequences because it seems like “hard work.” The challenge is to expand your mind so that you become aware of how your choices and actions can impact your life and that of others.




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