Do you want to learn the attraction principle?

Even when you really really really know that The Secret is a bogus book, I know it can sometimes be hard to find a clear and solid yes to believing in the Attraction Principle.

“Hello there,” I answer the phone all excited that morning. “How are you? I am reading The Secret behind the Secret Law of Attraction by Kevin Hogan. The guy is hilarious. Have you read his attraction principle?”

“Yes it’s very good,” the Mentalist confirms. “He is an old friend.”

“You said yes,” I confirm that he has read the book. “Can you explain the attraction principle?”

“Better if you ask questions,” the Mentalist offers mysteriously.

“Ok if I take 2 of my goals,” I start out. “Increase my income and sell the house fast and at a profit.”

“Fiona there is no easy way,” the Mentalist cuts in annoyed.

“If I understood correctly I have to think about all the details,” I continue my line of thought. “Oh pity. So it doesn’t work. Poops.”

“The universe will give you what you ask for and deserve,” the Mentalist retorts. “Yes it does. And yes you have to be very clear on the minutest detail.”

“But thinking out the patterns and taking directed action should work,” I point out what I have read so far. “Ooooh you said what I deserve. Am I deserving? How do you make it work for you then?”

“What do you understand so far about the principal?” the Mentalist asks cautiously, as if he is afraid to reveal too much too soon.

“That it takes research, directed thought, to form brain patterns, and then align your actions to that, ie work, and then miracles do happen.”

“Ok you got it,” the Mentalist answers relieved. “No pick one issue. Take expanding your income. Break it all down into baby steps. Put a figure on how much exactly per month. Calculate your growth factor. Calculate your risks if it goes wrong. What could make it go wrong? What do you need to know, what resources do you need? What risks will you take? What in your behaviour patterns will you change? What will you change when you have achieved your goal? Who will you become? How will you spend the extra income, and so on?”

“Okay will give this some thought,” I enjoy listening to all of this good advice, all the rules and obligations.

“Write it down,” the Mentalist insists that I make this exercise to be sure I know what all this entails.

“Yes great idea,” I think out loud, as writing things down increases your level of commitment.

“Most people think about it and do nothing,” the Mentalist warns. “Successful people write it down. It may take a week or two to formulate.”

“Yes I am already realizing how many details are involved,” I answer as I realize he is right. The probability that I just let these ideas go instead of writing them down is pretty high. I want to be successful. I want to think this out step for step.

“Good. Go for it. See it as a challenge,” the Mentalist motivates me. “Complete the task well and you can buy a toy boy for a few days.”

“No don’t want that,” I curl up my nose.

“Ok then ice cream and candy as a reward,” the Mentalist teases.

“I would want to save the extra income for some big things like decorating the house, furniture and lighting, a pool for in 5 years time, and that trip to South America,” I am tapping into my personal moments of joy. “Plus the comfortable feeling of having a savings account. Also investment jumps to mind. No, I want long-term awards. Ice cream and candy are immediate short-term things without any lasting effect except fat on my hips.”

“Your idea about spending sucks,” the Mentalist throws back at me. “That’s why you have what you have now.”

“Really?” I am surprised the Mentalist disapproves of my investment and savings ideas. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Attracting new things needs new thinking,” the Mentalist points out. “You must think investment, investment in your business, your income needs to be constant. You must think love and happiness doing what you do to earn. Holidays are for losers. Winners deserve holidays, losers demand holidays. Plus you need to give charity. Very important.”

“Okay I like that,” I decide. “But dangerous, I can see a lot of risk there… I do love my job and love learning all this new stuff.”

“Practice makes perfect,” the Mentalist reminds me of a lesson to open myself up to a treasure chest of financial freedom, to be my best self.

Here’s the thing: I am currently taking the online course Creating Financial Freedom with Louise Laffey. I am taking this course for the second time. There is immense power in dedicating time to exploring yourself, your life, and your world from a different paradigm, a different perspective. If I do my homework, it will be illogical.

The course is showing me how to reconnect with that extraordinary flow of abundance. And is teaching me how to leverage it, and how to see all of my gifts differently, instead of judging myself.

The course is available to everyone, yet the energy is tailor made just for me. Learning to reconnect with my flow and my passion and, as a byproduct, shifting the experience for all those around me. This is not a selfish course.

Darlings, after years searching for answers on financial freedom, I know this: if I show up, it will be worth it. Now more than ever. I will never be the same and it will be glorious.





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