Everyday fears

Live and thrive in the present moment, as today is all that matters.

“Hi there,” I greet my friend as he calls me for our daily chat. “How are you?”

“Hi how are you?” the Mentalist answers freely.

“Good apart from the suspicious spot on my face,” I tell him early on what’s on my mind. “Dermatologist wants to remove it. When the sun has gone end September. I am dying again. How about you?”

“My suspicious spots here are freckles according to doctors here,” the Mentalist answers apeasing my inner fears. “Please be careful. Cover yourself with 100 factor and take vitamin D supplements. Load up on vitamin C too.”

“I have been rather careless this year with my sun creams,” I admit.

“Yes I see,” the Mentalist answers showing his emotions of concern in his voice.

“Anyhow it will just be removing the spot,” I go on a little childishly. “Skin cancer isn’t really inside of you.”

“Ok. That’s good,” the Mentalist goes along with it for now. “Maybe you could get plastic surgery at the same time and have something tucked or nipped.”

“Yes great idea,” I enthusiasm. “I had Botox done today. But think I should consider a lifting around my neck area and some lip filler.”

“Now there’s a great idea,” the Mentalist teases me. “Implant poison to swell up. Botox is also cancer causing.”

“Yes but Botox helps me look good,” I tell him.

“You look good anyway,” the Mentalist points out. “And you aren’t yet very wrinkled.”

“Because Botox,” I laugh out loud. “Gotta go!”

The Mentalist lets me go, finishing our call blowing kisses down the phone.

Many people live their lives in survival modus, fearing every moment that something bad is going to happen. This is a poignant and somewhat humorous example of the human tendency to try to save things for special occasions, as if everyday life weren’t special enough to enjoy and to thrive within a safe environment.




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