Feed your intimate relationships

“Hello hello,” I start out my voice message on the Mentalist’s phone. “How are things? Good I hope. Got people coming to look at our house next Tuesday. Magic spells book says red flowers for selling a house on Tuesday. Exciting huh. I lost 6,5 kg so far. I might still reach my goal milestone after all.”

What defines a good relationship? It’s a feeling you share with another special person with whom you have a great time discovering new and different flavours in life. With my course on Creating Financial Freedom, I am learning again to enjoy the same exquisite experiences in every area of my life.

I want to spend quality time with my kids and my loved ones by discovering new life experiences and by growing the areas of business I am interested in. That’s why I am continuously checking in and being aware of what exactly I am feeling. I am hungry for fun, lightness and freedom. And get rid of some of the heavy, dark survival energy.

What is on the menu? Positives like being me in the world, more bubbles, showing up, tuning in. I want to feel a giddy, fluttery kind of feeling. I want to feel lighter than I did before, when sitting with my negatives.

Notice that: there’s a story and there’s a feeling…

Best wishes,



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