Do you have a foot in the door?

“Am reading Kevin Hogan’s fear of rejection e-book,” I am excited to tell the Mentalist over the phone. “He is so spot on.”

“Yes of course he is,” the Mentalist replies as if this is evident. “What naughty things have you been up to today?”

“Conf calls with BNP and other meetings,” I tell him matter of factly.

“Any success?” the Mentalist wants to know.

“It explains why I have been losing clients and not winning new ones,” I tell him about my ongoing investigations into the wisdom of Kevin Hogan.

Kevin also has books on power words,” the Mentalist informs me. “Hello.”

“Well Syntra wants me as social media tutor but pays peanuts,” I recount a recent meeting I had. “Might do it though. Hello?”

“Playing the game not to lose is bad,” the Mentalist pipes up out of the blue.

“What?” I don’t understand where that came from. “And I have a call later on with CXL Institute. They need an Adobe Analytics instructor. Video training again. Now that sounds good.”

“It explains why you lose clients,” the Mentalist repeats. “Stop playing the game not to lose. Play to win is far better even if you lose. Much more exciting.”

“Play to win,” I ponder that thought for a moment.

“Yes you are in demand,” the Mentalist confirms. Demand value in return.”

“Yes sounds good too,” I reply with sparkles of dawning understanding in my eyes. “Yes I shouldn’t take Syntra, should I? Lots of time and energy for little return.”

“Learn to win and throw away tarot and spells and other tree hugging excuses for loosing,” the Mentalist advises.

“I am still buying red flowers on Tuesday,” I answer in defense of my superstition. “I like doing the tarot cards. Is Kevin very rich?”

“Demand more for your time. Or offer low quality for the amount paid. Get some balance. Syntra are well known for low quality. Do you want your name associated with theirs? Really?” the Mentalist retorts with vehemence. “Why do you want to know? He is successful. The mistake I made was not to stick to this subject. Kevin did. I jumped around looking for the easy way. I discovered it doesn’t exist.

“So Kevin is real,” I answer in amazement.

“Yes he is consulted by politicians too for their campaigns,” the Mentalist fills me in on all the inside details. “He gets a high fee for keynote speaking too. He has written many books. His wife loves him also. He is a very nice guy.”

“Great,” I cheer. “Thanks for the tip.”

“There are others better but they don’t work with the public and are very very expensive coaches,” the Mentalist encourages me to dig deeper into Kevin Hogan’s website. “What tip?”

“Kevin is a great tip. Love reading him,” I precise. “Yes I should get into politics.”

“You have all the tools you need. You just don’t know what to believe about yourself,” the Mentalist has this strange belief in my abilities which I fail to see. “Fake it until you make it. Just do it. If wrong ask forgiveness, never ask permission. Believe you have talent. Walk the walk don’t talk the talk. Yes you should. Or at least get into the political circles. Read interesting literature so you can sound cultured. Politicians have no culture but like to think they do. I am going to sun tan now.”

“Enjoy,” I smile and blow him a friendly goodbye kiss.

I love reading books and discovering new authors. Kevin Hogan’s blog is allowing me to recognize that applying decades-old research to my digital marketing business can generate more leads and sales. Having a foot in the door and other marketing best practices, all riveting subjects you can read about in his weekly newsletter. I signed up, think you should too.




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