Getting things done

“Go on Youtube and watch Six Minutes to Success,” is the first thing the Mentalist tells me when I answer my phone. No hello, no politeness, just straight to the point.

“Yes sir,” I tell him happy that he is making a great suggestion. “I did actually have questions about Kevin Hogan but will watch this instead. The people just came to look at the house by the way.”

“Let’s hope they come back,” the Mentalist answers coolly.

“I thought we agreed hope was a false thing to hold. It implies failure,” I remind him. “It would be nice of course, and the house fits their needs perfectly, but they didn’t look in detail enough to be truly interested or to have an intent to make a bid. They have a 35 year old son still living at home and they are looking for a place that allows them to live together but also have their own space each. Our house really fits that bill. They came outside but no further than the terrace and they peeked upstairs in my room but didn’t go up completely because baby in bed. But maybe they will shortlist our place and come back with their son. Maybe… Pfffff.”

“Well some people just like to see how others live as a hobby,” the Mentalist has immediately classified this house visit as a dead end. “I didn’t agree that hope sets up failure.”

“Now I’ve just eaten a cupcake,” I pout. “6,5kg still.”

“How could you!” the Mentalist retorts in good banter.

“Almost at my goal,” I am excited to acknowledge, as I have set myself the goal to lose 10kg in total. “I know, very naughty of me. The au-pair made them. What about false hope? Strange I had a good feeling about these people and the house. Been buying flowers too.”

“I tell you what. Try something,” the Mentalist states with excitement. “Get up every day at 5 AM and do yoga and read a little before you start your family routine. You will lose weight. Believe it its true.”

“You are right. And it makes sense,” I clap my hands in excitement. “I don’t have enough time to do all that I want to do in a day.”

“Selling a house is very emotional,” the Mentalist tells me but I fail to understand the meaning. “You have to see it as a set of building materials.”

“Like reading my books and studying courses,” I think of all the things I could do during my newly found quality me-time. “Well yes, brick and mortar isn’t very emotional, it’s rather rational.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist confirms.

“Anyway did I tell you I am talking to CXL Institute for Adobe Analytics video training?” I tell him my next good news, but with a pit in my stomach as I remember the previous fiasco with video training. “I have been shortlisted.”

“Let someone else fall in love with your pile of materials and they will buy it,” the Mentalist gives me the secret ingredients to selling a house.

“Need to write out my story and send them some videos,” I continue going on about the video training opportunity.

“That’s great,” the Mentalist enthusiasms. “I hope you succeed.”

“It pays 5.000 USD,” I whisper in awe.

“Wow,” the Mentalist whistles.

“And it brings world fame,” I add on the best part of the deal. “Not that much money but the visibility is great.”

“Get up and get going,” the Mentalist insists. “Do your homework well. Start now.”

“How do you get people to fall in love with a house?” I want to know, still not understanding why my visitors didn’t fall in love at first sight. “It was clean. The garden tidier than before. Cupcakes in the oven. Scented candles. Kids in the pool.”

“Change the bullshit story on immo site to start with,” the Mentalist starts out.

“Flowers on the table,” I continue, but then I am startled by what he just said. “I thought the story was good on the immo site.”

“Write down your emotions about your house and write down the truth,” the Mentalist urges me.

“What needs to change?” I ask in disbelief. “It’s good. Fantastic house, lots of opportunities, great investment.”

“All bullshit,” the Mentalist spits impatiently.

“I love my house but it is far from everything,” I helplessly try to explore my feelings. “Far from Wim and far from school. Plus I have anxiety over the pool and the baby.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist confirms I am on the right track. “Why did you buy it?”

“I love this house but memories about Marc are too attached to this place,” I am doing my utmost best at being truthful. “Because of the pool.”

“That’s it!” the Mentalist exclaims, but I don’t get it of course.

“Because it was big enough for our 2 families,” I continue trying to grasp where this is going. “Because it is cosy.”

“Ok there are three things,” the Mentalist says in a conspiratorial voice.

“Because of that attic loft where I have my bedroom,” I list all my reasons why. “It is grand.”

“See that’s what needs to be in the story,” the Mentalist tells me excitedly. “Not the other shit.”

“What?” I can’t believe what he just said.

“Your house is not an investor’s dream,” the Mentalist hits me with his wisdom.

“No I guess not,” I admit reluctantly. “It’s a family home.”

“It’s a step up to a better, bigger, cosier, warmer living space for those who are climbing the ladders of success,” the Mentalist lays it out for me. “A pool, a terrace for great BBQ’s. A palace to escape to from the unfairness and trauma’s of the day.”

“Yes that is exactly it,” I nod my head vigorously but dismayed at how on earth I am going to create a story out of this. I am not very good with words.

“OK so write that type of stuff and sell your house,” the Mentalist makes it sound so easy.

“Okay I will look into that,” I say with a creeping feeling that I will be procrastinating on that one. “So what about the Six Minutes to Success?”

“Listen to this guy,” the Mentalist coaches me. “We say the same thing but he uses lots of examples.”

“Okay so you have to know where you’re going, not the how,” I confirm what I have understood so far from a quick Google.

“He is also better at it,” the Mentalist admits. I am confused about the “we” he just mentioned earlier. Is there a whole bunch of mentalists out there making the world a better place?

“Like weight loss,” I tie what I have researched to what I can readily and easily apply, and hope I can transpose this knowledge to my other goals in life. “But I do know how: eat less and move more. Weigh in regularly to check on progress. Keep going. Remember the target. Reward each time I hit another milestone. So the same with money? I want to earn 25.000 by Halloween. I am now at around 19k to 21k (VAT included). I am studying, working, networking, hustling for new clients. I’m at 17k without VAT. Thing is, he says you don’t need to know the how but I disagree. You need directed thought and action, and for that you need a hint of the how, else you’re just doing The Secret and Kevin Hogan. Well Kevin doesn’t agree with The Secret. However Kevin does offer a 10k course to teach you how to be a millionaire. So he is doing the exact same as The Secret. Only I agree that The Secret can’t work. Things don’t just happen because you think about it very hard.”

“Indeed,” is all the Mentalist answers to my long rant.

“Yes indeed,” I repeat his short answer to him, conveying I was expecting more feedback. “So what’s missing? Also, you’re not supposed to talk bad about people because then people attribute those traits to you. Well my blog… Hmmm just food for thought. Or everybody wants it and people who tell you they know how will actually be able to sell it. Is that it?”

“Try,” the Mentalist won’t get deeper into the discussion right now. He is eager for me to just do it.

“I mean so many people claiming they know,” I won’t let it go. “I will try. I do want to be a successful entrepreneur and millionaire. I do want to be a MILF. I do.”

“You know too,” the Mentalist encourages me. “Find a few more streams of income and you have it.”

“Smile,” I say happily as a flood of possibility enters my mind.

The Mentalist’s idea to get up earlier each day is a bloody brilliant idea. It will boost my personal productivity and teach me powerful methods to tackle my daily dilemma’s so I can focus in a way that will help me shape my life in a new way, without procrastinating. The mind is for having ideas, not holding them.





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