Who am I as a thought leader?

“Good morning,” I am out of breath and excited to recount my new findings to the Mentalist. “I am watching the Six Minutes to Success on Youtube. In fact it is a much better explanation of The Secret. Think I might buy that book by Napoleon Hill. How are you?”

“Just subscribe and they send it to you,” the Mentalist advises.

“The seven negative emotions, I have some work to do on myself,” I conclude. “Getting up early is a challenge. I am going to have to go to bed earlier.”

“Yes go for it,” the Mentalist utters his famous words. “You want to be rich you need to do this. Got to go.”

And after blowing mutual friendly kisses, we each set out about our own days.

Reaching your full potential, isn’t that the goal and dream of everyone? Don’t we all want to know the secret ingredients? Well I will give you a hint: enthusiasm, endurance, courage, expertise, action, wisdom and… luck!

Successfully yours,



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