The future is women

“Good morning,” I cheer as I answer my phone. “Yesterday a business woman came to me in tears about divorce advice. She said that I am successful and mom of three kids so how do I do that. It made me quiet. She’s the second woman who has approached me about divorce. And also that I am perceived as successful and having it all together and figured out. Outside world perception. Was wondering whether writing a desperate divorcee survival guide would make a best seller?”

“Yes it could indeed,” the Mentalist agrees coolly. “Go for it.”

“How are you doing?” I smile rather pleased with myself.

I am happy that women are reading and sharing stories to create a more peaceful world. From divorce, self confidence, relationships, how to get your ex back, career planning, to mental strategy and beyond, I am opening up, sharing my stories, and expressing my hopes and dreams for a better world.




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