What if the Genie lived in a perfume bottle

My blog offers me a way to unburden my mind, keep my dreams alive, and spark the seeds of creativity.

“Hello,” I smile this morning down the phone. “Today is a new day. Just had lunch with Steven. We re going to work together and make shit loads of money. Or a bit extra anyway. How are you? Haha people want to know if you really exist. Check out this tweet.”

‎I send him said tweet which I copied from Twitter. The moment I had been waiting for. For people to pick up on my story and comment on it.

Now the conversation of today with the Mentalist has not yet come to an end. But since the last story was such a fart, and I realise that this story, and most of my stories, have multiple layers, I found that this was the moment to mark a pause. Because somethings truly wonderful are starting to unfold.

Of the countless forms of meditation and introspection I have tried and used, blogging has offered me unique benefits. Meditation mostly helps me empty my mind and bring positive ideas and solutions from my inner dwellings. Blogging however helps me anchor that experience in the real world. It allows me to trace my journey and see where I am growing and which patterns I am repeating. With my blogging I hope to create a connection and union with the world around me. I truly hope you are enjoying my stories.




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