The empty world within

If you remember, I had sent the Mentalist a screenshot of the Twitter tweet enquiring about the Mentalist and our conversations, when I paused a moment to reflect on the multiple layers and deeper meanings hidden in my writings. But enough about that for the moment, the story continues.

“What’s it about?” the Menalist wants to know in response to the tweet. “Sure I even have papers to prove I exist.”

“Lol me too!” I laugh lightly as I have gotten my situation all sorted out. It only took me a very expensive lawyer friend and a few phone calls on his behalf, and the puppets started dancing and made everything all right again in my world. “I am going to give that clerk what for being lazy. Did you hear what I said about my lunch with Steven?”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist answers in regards to my papers being all sorted now. “Making my life miserable, the lazy bastard.”

“Don’t you think it’s cool people want to talk to you too?” I jump right back to the Twitter tweet.

“Yes sounds very exciting,” the Mentalist enthusiasms. “More information would be nice.”

“It helped clear the air on some subjects,” I reply in regards to my being so upset about my national register entry being totally wrong. Sometimes I wonder how the Mentalist keeps up talking to me when I tend to bounce around so much in my conversations.

“Yes,” the Mentalist answers open-ended. “But what about?”

“He makes simulators for insurance brokers and banks,” I insist on talking about my meeting with Steven as I have a feeling that the Mentalist is avoiding this subject. “Used to work with him at Generali.”

“I am going into a non-professional meeting now,” the Mentaist announces.

“He needs a pretty Dutch speaking woman to help him market and sell,” I tell him adamant to get the details in. “Oh talk later then. Don’t be naughty.”

“I will chat later,” the Mentalist re-assures me.

“Super duper,” I smile and decide this subject can wait till later. I will think it over some more and try to come to a conclusion and decision on the matter myself.

Starting my day in a deeply focused state is wonderful. I am attempting to live my life as if my glass is half-full rather than half-empty. All you need is love. And all I need is a change of thought.




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