Finding inner happiness

“Hi Fiona,” the Mentalist greets me that morning. “What is it that Dani Stein is talking about? What recommendations is he referring to?”

“He commented on the post about letting go of negative feelings, about being good to life and carpe diem,” I laugh pleased to hear he is picking up on a subject I hold close to my heart, namely reaching people and helping them through my blog. “I answered that you are a real person and could get you in touch but he didn’t answer yet. Maybe Dani isn’t feeling on top of his game.”

“Oh I see. OK. I was just wondering,” the Mentalist answers nonchalantly, but not fooling me one minute. I know he cares. “He is welcome to contact me if he wants to. What mischief are you busy with today?”

“Still waking up,” I answer truthfully.

“This late?” the Mentalist retorts appalled.

“Yes,” I answer without blinking. This late is 9:15 and we are Saturday morning after all.

“Was it a late night?” the Mentalist wants to know to excuse my bad behaviour.

“Doing basic boring stuff you do on Saturday. Go shopping and spend money,” I tell him my plans for the day. “Half and half. I’ve been down with some kind of virus, feeling very tired. This afternoon the big kids have to go to visit ‘her’.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” the Mentalist sympathises, though I am not sure whether he is comforting me for ‘her’ visit or for my health. “Take some vitamin C.”

“Yes I will stop by the pharmacy too,” I add that to my to-do list. “Need face cream.”

“So no problem,” the Mentalist continues. “Be  on time dropping off and fetching the kids. Don’t stop for tea.”

“No I won’t,” I agree to this plan.

“Has your botox collapsed that you need face cream?” the Mentalist teases me.

“No, it is autumn and my skin needs special care,” I smile back.

“In fact the best face cream is suntan lotion,” the Mentalist informs me.

“I like getting expensive stuff,” I correct him. I use special facial suntan lotion in spring and summer, but come autumn I am back on regular nourishing face cream. “It smells good.”

“Yes but it does little else,” the Mentalist points out not wanting me to waste my money.

“Noooo,” I defend my choice of having botox treatment. “I look good.”

“Ok,” the Mentalist hasn’t finished teasing me. “Well have some coffee. And you will look even better.”

“The expensive stuff has these tiny little Fraggle Rock construction workers in it who work on your skin,” I tell him one of my secret beliefs.


“Ah so that’s it,” the Mentalist booms, for I have finally gotten to him with my silliness.

“Prefer tea at home,” I confide in my cafeine preferences. “Coffee is for at work. Or at the sport centre. Going to take a shower just now and take my terrible two year old with me.”

“Yes tea is better,” the Mentalist agrees. “As they don’t know how to make tea, you are right. I too drink tea at home and coffee out in cafés.”

“Heleen has had her baby yesterday,” I tell him some exciting news.

“Enjoy,” the Mentalist wishes me in regards to my impending shower with my littlest one. “What did she have?”

“A little girl,” I beam looking at the photo she sent me. “Beautiful baby.”

“Swop,” the Mentalist teases me about my terrible two year old.

“Emma,” I tell him her name. “Nooooo, I love my baby Willem. It’s just a phase he’s going through. He tantrums like he’s the exorsist baby.”

“Yes he is in the most interesting phase of development now,” the Mentalist confirms.

“It is very tiring and very trying, I tells ya,” I add on looking fondly at my little darling.

“Yes I had several of them,” the Mentalist tells me fondly about his grown nest of babies. “Loved this phase. So funny.”

“I know all about it,” I smile. “See you later.”

“Enjoy,” the Mentalist repeats again, but not sure if he is now referring to my shower or my little one. Or probably both.

“Miss you a lot lately,” I call after him as I bid him farewell for the day.

“See ya,” the Mentalist answers blowing me a kiss. “Miss you too.”

I invite you to discover something every day that makes you happy and watch how your life transforms.




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